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Organizational Frontiers Series Committee

Submitted by Robert Pritchard, Chair
April 7, 2005

1. The following volumes have recently been published:

The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior, edited by Ricky Griffin & Anne  O’Leary-Kelly

The Psychological And Organizational Bases Of Discrimination At Work, edited by Robert L. Dipboye & Adrienne Colella

Situational Judgment Tests:  Theory, Measurement, and Application
Jeff A. Weekley & Robert E. Ployhart

2.  The following volume is in press at Erlbaum:

The Psychology Of Entrepreneurship edited by J. Robert Baum, Michael Frese, &  Robert A. Baron

3.  Volumes Under Contract
The Psychology of Conflict and Conflict Management in Organizations, De Dreu and Gelfand
Organizational Fit, Ostroff & Judge

Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations, Kozlowski and Salas

Work Motivation, Kanfer, Gilad, and Pritchard

Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations and Systems:  Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, Salas, Goodwin, & Burke

Commitment in Organizations: Accumulated Wisdom and New Directions, Howard J. Klein, Thomas E. Becker, and John P. Meyer

Errors in Organizations, David Hofmann and Michael Frese

4. Approved by Board, Contract in Process

5. Budgeted expenditures = $4000, actual expenditures = 0, but money will be spent in October for a meeting of the board to identify new volume topics.

Problems: None
Action Items: None