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Placement Committee Goals and Progress Report Form


Committee Chair Name: Mindy Bergman & Larissa Linton

Date: August 30, 2006
x Goals Report
o Progress Report
Committee Members:
For the initial Goals Report, please list committee goals, time frame, and action steps. Please include expected results and how the goal relates to one or more of SIOP’s four strategic goals.
For subsequent Progress Reports, please provide a brief update including a listing of actions taken.

1. Determine whether we should offer a “bundled” package on JobNet and Placement Center.
RESULT: Discussions with Jeff and Dave at NYC planning meeting in June led us to decide against this. Already there is some confusion between the two activities amongst members; bundling could contribute to that and “blur the lines” between the two. Decision is to maintain their separate identities, goals, and pricing structures.
2. Figure out a simpler way for Placement Center registered organizations to post more than 4 jobs.
UPDATE: Emailed Larry and Dave on 07/07/06 to begin discussing this issue.
3. Communicate to employing organizations at Placement Center that only registered applicants may access the Placement Center location.
PLAN: Include in FAQs and TIP article.
4. Work with SIOP to remove applicant affiliation from pdfs/printouts of resumes.
UPDATE: Emailed Larry and Dave on 07/07/06 to make aware of the issue.
5. Work with NYC local IO organizations to recruit Placement Center employers.
UPDATE: Larissa is in email communication with LeAnne Bennett of METRO, who wants to help promote SIOP in general and Placement in particular to the NYC-area IO community. They have a careernet/job board where we can run an ad. We can also put a reminder in their monthly newsletters. Their career day is in early April (pre-SIOP), so we may be able to put some materials in a packet. Larissa and Mindy decided against travel to career day (Description below) because it did not seem to be the best forum to recruit employers.
From LeAnne Bennett (08/15/06): “It just so happens that METRO sponsors an annual Career Day, where we invite members from various careers in I-O to come and speak to the membership (a panel format followed by table discussions with each of the speakers).  This event is usually in April, and given the SIOP dates this year- will likely happen in early April (before SIOP).  I see it as a perfect way to plug the SIOP placement services and encourage people to go to SIOP for more specific info on job opportunities and immediate opportunities to interview for open positions.  We can discuss the best way to do this.”
6. Work with the Masters Consortium committee to help SIOP attendees in both the Masters consortium and Placement Center find the time to do both on Thursday afternoon.
UPDATE: Email to Steve Rogelberg about Masters consortium schedule on 08/30/06.
7. Determine if Placement Center should be involved in any programming to prepare the following year’s applicants for resume writing/what to expect, etc.
RESULT: Not included in programming this year. Some suggestions have been put forth by other committee chairs that Placement and SIOP HQ consider putting together PowerPoint or (preferably) flash presentations on what to submit to Placement, and resume writing in general.
8. Update tip sheets and other on-line guides as registration draws nearer.
PLAN: Use TIP article, FAQs to update information; most work will be done in late 2006/early 2007 on these. 
Updates or Comments From Chair:
It would be useful to have the next chair named prior to NY SIOP. The next chair would be able to shadow for a few hours as well as attend the transition meeting.