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SIOP Professional Practice Committee 2006 -2007 Goals Report 

Rob Silzer, Chair
September 1, 2006

Committee Members:


Committee Members  


Committee Chair: Rob Silzer (robsilzer@prodigy.net) 

Sub-Committee on International Affairs 

  • Tanya Delaney – co-chair (tdelany@us.ibm.com) 
  • Pauline Velez - co-chair (pvelez@sfsu.edu) 
  • Sharon Arad (arads1@us.ibm.com) 
  • Joy Hazucha (Joy.Hazucha@personneldecisions.com) 
  • Gary Greguras (garygreguras@smu.edu.sg)
  • Greg Robinson (grobinson@3dgroup.net) 

Sub-Committee on Boundary Spanning Practice Areas 

  • Anna Erickson - chair (aerickson@questarweb.com) 
  • Maury Buster (mbuster@personnel.state.al.us) 
  • Deb Gebhardt (dlgebhardt@humanperfsys.com) 
  • Ted Hayes (Ted_Hayes@gallup.com) 
  • Van Latham (Vlatham@pathpointconsulting.com) 
  • Dianne Maranto (dbmaran@nsa.gov) 
  • Julia McElreath (julia.mcelreath@dhs.gov) 
  • Matt Smith (matthew.r.smith@ge.com)
  • Thomas Walk (TWalk@caliper.com)

Sub-Committee on Consultant Locator 

  • William Shepherd – chair (william.shepherd@skyfi.com) 
  • Alana Cober (Alana.Cober@dhs.gov)
  • Rich Cober (cober_rich@bah.com)

Sub-Committee on Salary Survey 

  • Gina Medsker – chair (gmedsker@humrro.org) 
  • Maury Buster (mbuster@personnel.state.al.us)


General Goals Professional Practice Committee 


  General Committee Goals  

  1. Support and enhance the professional practice of I/O Psychology.   
  2. Advance the integration of practice and science in I/O Psychology.  
  3. Accomplish specific objectives of the subcommittees.  

We recognize that both the structure and some of the objectives of the Professional Practice committee may change as a result of the upcoming SIOP Strategic Planning meeting (Chicago, September, 2006).   While some existing targeted objectives are likely to continue (e.g. salary survey, consultant locator, international outreach, etc.) other new objectives may be added to more specifically address the first two goals above. 


 Connections to SIOP Strategic Goals   

This includes the specific goals of the sub committees along with some broader objectives.  Some of these objectives overlap with other SIOP committees and may be better addressed by them.  

1.      To be the visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology  

Ø      Connect to related practice disciplines   

o       Increase collaboration with other practice related APA divisions  

o       Promote I/O psychology practice to other related professional organizations (ASTD, SHRM, HRPS etc.)   

Ø      Act as a liaison to APA’s Business of Practice Network   

Ø      Influence and contribute to APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award 


2.      To be the advocate and champion of I-O psychology to policy makers   

Ø      Seek out ways to promote the professional practice of I/O Psychology to organizational users including business managers, HR professionals and professionals in related disciplines 


3.      To be the organization of choice of I-O professionals  

Ø      Identify and address the needs and interests of I/O practitioners  

Ø      Develop, administer, analyze and publish the results of the 2007 Salary Survey in I/O psychology.   

Ø      Enhance the functionality of the SIOP Consultant Locator System and promote the enhanced Locator System to participants and users


4.      To be a model of integrated scientist–practitioner effectiveness that values research, practice, and education equally and seeks higher standards in all three areas.   

Ø      Identify and accomplish clear steps for enhancing  professional I/O practice  

o       Articulate clear standards for effective professional practice.   

o       More effectively communicate I/O knowledge to practitioners and business leaders   

o       Organize an annual Practitioners Consortium at the annual SIOP Conference   

Ø      Collaborate with the I/O scientific community to identify specific actions that can build more effective scientist – practitioner integration   

o       (will be identified at the strategic planning meeting)    

Ø      Connect to international members, affiliates and organizations   

o       Collaborate on the implementation of the first International Award 

o       Send welcome note to new international members 

o       Develop stronger relationships with I/O organizations outside of the US including IAAP & EWOP 

o       Include international members in the International Directory 

o       Improve the international participation and visibility at the SIOP conference 

o       Strengthen lines of communication with international affiliates 


2006- 2007 Goals
International Affairs Subcommittee 


Objective:  Foster an exchange of information and best practices among I/O psychologists and related professionals worldwide. 



Collaborate on the implementation of the first International Award, which would enhance SIOP’s appeal and impact in the International I/O community


Currently considering whether the award should have a research or practice focus and/or whether the proposed work would need to show international usefulness or impact.

Look for funding for the international award and explore potential donor companies and universities.


2.      Collaborate with the Membership committee to send welcome note to new international members and advise them about the international affairs sub-committee’s mission and goals. 

·        Currently sends an informal welcome letter to new international members, based on the list available in TIP.  


Add item to the dues form for international members to agree to be included in the International Directory.

Currently collaborating with the Membership committee to have a space where members can indicate international affiliation.


4.      Develop relationships with I/O organizations outside of the US; define a protocol for how these relationships can work.   

·        Has developed relationships with two international organizations, which were represented at the International Café at the last conference. 

·        Develop a list of possible I/O associations outside of the U.S. with which to network and define protocols for how these relationships should created and maintained. (e.g., information transfer, joint sponsorship of events)


5.      Continue to enhance the international participation and visibility at the SIOP conference

·        Sponsor social hour (international reception) that provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues. 

·        Hold additional conference events for and with international affiliates such as an international symposia  

·        Provide an “international room” where members can connect, learn more about SIOP and get tips about how benefit from the conference. 

·         Consider an International program track for future conference programs. 


6.      Strengthen lines of communication with international affiliates in order to create a stronger sense of community within SIOP, increase awareness of SIOP, and encourage participation in SIOP.  

·        Create a listserv for international affiliates and SIOP members who are interested in discussing international issues, in collaborating on conference submissions, and in discussing international issues.  

·        Create standard email address for international affiliates to contact members of the International Affairs Committee. (e.g., intlaffscomm@siop.org


2006 – 2007 Goals
Boundary Spanning Sub-Committee

Objective:  :  Define the interfaces and bridge relationships with other psychology practitioners and related professional groups 



1.      Investigate and define boundary spanning practices 


·         Continue work on coaching models and recommendations 


2.      Increase collaboration across APA psychology divisions (e.g., divisions 5, 8, 13, 17).  

·         Identify liaisons to connect with key APA divisions.


3.      Promote I/O psychology practice and I/O contributions to related professions and organizations outside psychology (e.g., SHRM, HRPS, OD Network, and ASTD).  

·         Identify organizations with greatest potential for exposure, learning, and collaboration. 

·         Look for liaisons to connect and collaborate. 


4.      Provide a bridge between SIOP and the APA's Business of Practice Network (BOPN)  

·         Represent SIOP at BOPN meetings, functions, activities. 

·         Provide education to SIOP about the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award and how I/O psychologists can get involved. 

·         Seek out opportunities for I/O psychologists and SIOP to influence and contribute to APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award.  

·         Connect I/O psychology experts for input on key BOPN projects and initiatives.  


2006-2007 Goals
Consultant Locator Subcommittee

Objective:  Enhance the functionality of the SIOP Consultant Locator System and promote the enhanced Locator System to participants and users  



1.      Update the functionality of Consultant Locator System 


·        Work with Ahmad Awad and Dave Nershi at the SIOP office to complete a plan to update the CLS functionality in 2006 

·        Add revised features: 

·        Search for a consultant by name  

·        Search by location by keywords  

·        Search by categories 

·        Have single step process for user to specify multiple search criteria 


2.      Promote the new Consultant Locator System to SIOP members to generate increased participation 

·        In 2007 


3.      Promote the enhanced functionality to HR-related organizations and other potential users. 

·        In 2007  


2006-2007 Goals 
Salary Survey Sub-Committee 


Objective:  Develop, administer, analyze and publish the results of the 2007 Salary Survey in I/O psychology. 



1.      Design the 2007 Salary Survey 


·        In progress 


2.      Distribute and analyze the Salary Survey  

·        Administer survey in January, 2007 

·        Complete in First Quarter, 2007 in collaboration with Questar 


3.      Publish survey results 

·        Publish in April 2007 TIP