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2006-2007 Scientific Committee Progress Report


Submitted by: Gilad Chen (Committee Chair)


August 30, 2006


Committee Members for 2006-2007: Fred Morgesson, Ruth Kanfer, and Stephanie Payne 


Goal#1: Strengthen the relationships of SIOP with federal funding agencies, through our relationship with the Federation.  


Activities to date:  

  • Asked Fred Morgesson, Ruth Kanfer, and Stephanie Payne to assist on this task this year.

  • Generated a power-point document that lists important scientific contributions achieved by I-O psychologists, and areas of I-O psychology research that are likely to make an impact in the future (and hence more “fundable”).

  • Will meet soon (Sep 8) with Heather Kelly and Dianne Maranto at APA to discuss tactical planning around our advocacy initiative.

  • At this point, we are planning our effort for next year which will include coming up with a “menu” of research topics that appeal for different grants agencies, as well as specific researchers and experts for each area.  The idea would be to convey this menu to SIOP’s reps to the Federation.

Action item for EC meeting:   

  • None.   

Goal#2: Encourage authors of introductory psychology texts to include a chapter on I-O psychology. [Ad-hoc sub-committee chaired by Stephanie Payne]  


Activities to date:   

  • Identified and reviewed a list of the most popular introduction to psychology textbooks, and came up with a small list of existing texts that include I-O chapters

  • Surveyed 40 authors of intro psychology textbook to assess their preferences (for chapter outline and/or textboxes) and gain additional information or ideas from them.  Survey responses indicated interest in both chapter outline and textboxes.

  • In the process of generating a detailed outline for potential I-O chapters in introductory psychology texts

  • In the process of generating more narrow textboxes/page summaries that illustrate I-O-related applications of various basic psychological concepts (such as perception, cognition, learning, etc.).

Action item for EC meeting:   

  • None.