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2006-2007 Teaching Institute Committee Goals and Progress Report

Submitted by: Ron Landis, Chair
Date: September 11, 2006
Committee Members: Mike Burke, Michelle Collins, Mickey Quinones, and Steve Rogelberg
Comment by Chair: There are two point that should be raised regarding the Teaching Institute. First, we were not able to hold an event during the last academic year primarily due to my inability to get back into my office at Tulane until late December. We tried to put something together for the Houston area in the Spring of 2006, but had a difficult time getting participating schools to commit. Rather than hold an event that would not have had a critical number of participants, we decided to hold off. On a more positive note, last month I presented a summary of the activities and outcomes associated with the SIOP Teaching Institute at the APA convention in New Orleans. The theme of the symposium was exemplar programs developed from CEMRRAT funds. The session was very well received and SIOP was acknowledged several times as taking important steps in addressing minority attraction and recruitment.
Goals: (Number each goal and provide a brief description)
  1. Run another workshop: A new session is currently being planned for the Memphis area. This session will take place sometime in the Winter of 2006-2007. Unlike previous sessions which were run as stand alone events, this event may be linked to the Mid-South Psychology Conference.  
  2. Refine workshop materials: Continue to develop the information (syllabi, exams, SIOP information, etc) that has been provided to workshop attendees with the goal of creating a comprehensive set of materials and workshop description that would aid in streamlining future workshops. 
  3. Follow-up on ideas generated in other workshops: Some of the ideas included  
  • Developing a recommended curriculum for undergraduate students who plan to apply to a graduate program to facilitate advising.
  • Developing mechanisms (e.g., NSF grants, SEPA funds) to facilitate summer research opportunities for interested undergraduates to work with I-O program faculty.
  • Enhancing funding for a speaker series that would allow schools to bring SIOP members to campus to speak with interested undergraduates about the field