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Progress Report – Awards Committee

Wendy Boswell, Chair

September 2008

  1. Goal: Develop protocol for award process
    • Disseminate award protocol (“process map”) to the EC prior to Fall EC meeting
    • Discuss protocol at the Fall EC meeting
    • Incorporate feedback and revise for final EC approval by end of 2008
·        Protocol (see attached) to be distributed by Talya (?)
  1. Goal: Increase the number of nominations submitted for the “Distinguished” awards
    • Continue to increase “advertisement” of awards and nomination process
    • The EC has been asked to assist with encouraging nominations for the Service Award in particular
    • The EC will be updated regarding the number of nominations three weeks prior to the nomination deadline
·        EC was updated on progress three weeks prior to the close of nominations
·        We had an increase in the nominations for the Distinguished Scientific Award and the Distinguished Teaching Award
·        We received one nomination for the Distinguished Service Award
  1. Goal: Enhance the diversity of members of the Award Committee
·        Bring in broadened and considerate perspectives on the award committees
·        Scholars from diverse sources and backgrounds have been asked and have agreed to serve on the award committee. Diversity on dimensions such as:
o       Non-U.S.
o       teaching universities
o       practitioners
o       balance of individuals in different programs (e.g., psych vs. business schools)
o       not necessarily past winners of the respective award
·        We achieved greater diversity in representation on the awards committee
·        For example, five practitioners served (including one practitioner serving as a sub-committee chair), eight international affiliates served, and there was more balance in past winners/not and individuals at more teaching-focused schools
  1. Goal: Restructure the Raymond A. Katzell Award
·        Paul Thayer discussed various options with Kitty and Kitty responded with her preference
·        The Katzell Award has been revised
·        The revised Katzell Award has been approved
·        Call for nominations for this award is to be included in October Tip
·        This award will be  included with the other “2nd round awards” Spring 2009
Updates or Comments From Chair:
My report on the award recommendations (to be approved by the EC) has been sent to Dave Nershi. He will make copies and disseminate to the EC at the October meeting. I will not be in attendance due to a prior commitment (teaching in the EMBA program that weekend).