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State Affairs Report

September 2008 

The State Affairs committee is in the process of developing a “brochure” that will be made available to students about licensure. It will describe advantages and disadvantages of licensure, steps to become licensed and resources to assist them in the process. 
Because I am unable to attend, Dennis Johnson, (one of our members and former chair of the committee) will be representing SIOP at the Association of State and Provincial Boards of Psychology October 30 to November 1, 2008 in Nashville,
We are updating our information on licensure on an ongoing basis and the committee chair fields one or two questions a week from our membership regarding licensure issues.
We are working with Anna Erikson, who is the SIOP representative to the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Program to raise awareness about this program to our members. We are currently refining a description that we hope to add to the SIOP website with links to APA’s PHWA site. Members in Florida and California have become more active at the state PHWA level.