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Fellowship Committee Progress Report 

Committee Chair: Ann Howard

Date: August 28, 2009

Committee Members:
Steve Ashworth
Wally Borman
Wayne Camara
Wayne Cascio
Jeff McHenry
John Meyer
Belle Rose Ragins
Ann Marie Ryan
George Thornton
Actions Taken:
  1. Goal: Make online nomination process more user-friendly. To overcome some confusion and resulting problems from last year, the Chair worked with Jeremy Hopkins at the AO on improving the instructions for nominators and endorsers. The following steps were taken:
    1. Instructions were made very explicit for nominators and endorsers on steps to take from the initial start page.
    2. When a nominator clicks Create a Nomination, he or she receives an e-mail message with further instructions.
    3. The program will no longer allow more than one person to nominate the same individual. Instead, the second nominator receives the name of the first nominator and is encouraged to contact that person to coordinate an endorsement.
    4. Menus were frozen in the “open” position on subsequent pages so that sections don’t get overlooked.
    5. Pop-up reminders urge nominators/endorsers to declare pages complete before exiting.
Our plan is to document any problems that members encounter this year in an Excel spreadsheet so that we can initiate any additional needed changes next year.
  1. Goal: Administer Fellowship nomination and election process. The AOsent the call for nominations to SIOP members on August 27. Nominators were encouraged to contact the Chair with any questions, and a few requests for advice have been answered.  
The due date for nominations is November 1, 2009. Four nominations are already in progress.