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Historian Committee Report

Paul Levy, Chair

The 25th Anniversary of the conference is an extremely important event, and therefore, it makes sense for the History Committee to focus much of its energy this year on supporting, planning, and helping with the conference and other celebrations of the 25th Anniversary. Given that, here are a few goals related to the 25th Anniversary:
1)     Interview(s) of the early leaders of the SIOP conference which would be shared in a TIP article or two (e.g., Stan Silverman, Irv Goldstein).

1.     Have discussed this with Wendy Becker and will have an article to her by the November deadline. I have made arrangements to interview Stan Silverman because of his role as the first Conference Chair (even before there was such a title).

2)     Assist in the preparation of posters to represent each year of the conference to be on display at the 25th Anniversary Conference.

1.     This idea was brought to me by Julie Olson-Buchanan, but not much progress as of yet. Our hope is that the Administrative Office will put the posters together, but that we will participate in gathering information/factoids that are not readily available to the Administrative Office.

3)     Help in the organization of session(s) around the history of the conference and/or Society to be held at the 25th Anniversary Conference.

1.     Kevin Mahoney (SIOP member with an interest and expertise in History – worked with Dave Baker at the AHAP) has put together a proposal at my urging. I have submitted it to Suzanne Tsacoumis to be considered as part of the programming controlled by the Executive Committee, but was a bit late with the submission. I hope that this can be included.

4)     Assist in the coordination of other efforts that would highlight our history at the conference.

1.     These will be on an ongoing basis.

A final goal that has less to do with the conference or the 25th Anniversary:

5)     Work with the former Presidents of SIOP to get more of their biographies completed. Our goal would be to complete these for the Presidents who served in the 1980s and 1990s. We would focus on the more recent Presidential biographies in the following year.

1.     Have spoken with Paul Thayer about this to get some of the history. I am drafting a letter/email to go out to the Presidents who held office in the 1980s and 1990s and have not yet submitted their autobiography.