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Update on SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

August 2009
Cynthia McCauley, Editor
Volume 2 (with Paul Sackett as editor) is nearing completion. Issues 1 and 2 have been published. Issue 3 will be out shortly. Issue 4 is in production.
Issue 1: Nancy Tippins on internet testing (with 12 commentaries), and Ruth Kanfer on work motivation (with 8 commentaries).
Issue 2: George Hollenbeck on executive selection (with 7 commentaries), and Jerry Greenberg on justice (with 9 commentaries).
Issue 3: Sandra Davis and Doug McKenna on coaching (with 9 commentaries), and Ron Bledow, Michael Frese, Neil Anderson, Miriam Erez, and Jim Farr on innovation (with 6 commentaries).
Issue 4: Rob Silzer and Allan Church on leadership potential, and Kevin Murphy on misuses of content validity.
Each of the eight issues in the first two volumes contains a focal article with a professional practice perspective and with authorship representation from the practice world. The innovation article in Issue 3 includes authors from outside the U.S. Commentaries have included practitioner and international perspectives.
Work on Volume 3 has begun. The two focal articles in Issue 1 have been posted on the SIOP website with commentaries being received through the end of August. Two focal articles for Issue 2 are out for review. Three article proposals have been accepted and authors are working to complete draft focal articles by November. Several additional proposals for focal articles are under review by editorial board members.
Issue 1: Eden King and Jose Cortina on the LGBT-supportive organizational policies, and Morgan McCall on leadership development.
Issue 2: Cary Chernis on emotional intelligence, and Adam Meade and Scott Tonidandel on test bias.
Focal articles in progress: Jeff Johnson, Piers Steel, Charles Scherbaum, Richard Jenneret, Jeff Foster, and Calvin Hoffman on synthetic validity; Ann Marie Ryan and Kevin Ford on models of training I-O psychologists; Silvia Bonaccio, Reeshad Dalal, Scott Highhouse, Susan Mohammed, and Jerel Slaughter on the need to better integrate the judgment and decision-making field with I-O psychology.
Although the authors of all four focal articles scheduled for the first two issues are in academic settings, each article brings both a science and practice perspective to the topic, thus I’m anticipating commentaries from professionals in academic and in practice settings. I have quickly realized that I need to more aggressively recruit authors of focal articles from the practitioner ranks (as most unsolicited proposals come from academics). I initially recruited a practitioner author for Issue 2, but priority conflicts have delayed the article for a later issue.