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Membership Committee Report

Adrienne Colella, Chair

Membership Committee Activities:

A. “Conference Ambassador Program”

This program was conducted at the ASAE Annual Convention (a group Dave Nershi belongs to for CEOs). Tracy Vanneman, Dave, Conference Chair Julie Olsen-Buchanan, and the Membership Committee are currently developing this program. The name is tentative at this point. The purpose of this program is to make first time attendees at the annual conference feel welcome. It is not a mentor program. Being an ambassador requires the following:

1. Being an ambassador only takes 1-2 hours of participant’s time.
2. Ambassadors connect at least once prior to the Meeting (via email or phone) with an assigned newcomer.  This is an opportunity to make introductions, take questions, and share any tips or suggestions about the Meeting. Ambassadors and newcomers should also schedule a time and place to meet at the Annual Meeting, such as the meeting for new attendees held the evening prior to the conference opening session.
3. Ambassadors and newcomers will connect at least once at the Meeting.  This can be as simple as meeting during a coffee break, a drink, or lunch-whatever is agreed upon. 
4.  Ambassadors should introduce newcomers to other SIOP attendees.

A pilot program will be up and running at the 2010 conference. People who have volunteered for committees and have experience with conference will be asked to serve as ambassadors-so will the executive board and Membership Committee members. Newcomers will be asked to indicate interest when signing up for the conference. We are uncertain about what the numbers will look like. 
B. Exit Interview

The membership committee is developing a survey to give to members who decline to rejoin SIOP to find out why the people leave the organization.

C.  Membership Statistics

In 2009 so far we have had 314 new professional/upgraded members and 981 new student affiliates join SIOP!
D. Committee Members

We had many committee members cycle off because their tenure was up. Thus  ten new members have been added, and I am continuing to add them. New Members are denoted with an *.

Nate Ainspan   U.S. Army
Bell,Suzanne   DePaul University
Callahan,Cathleen  Performance based Selection
Charlesworth,Seonaid  Candela Strategies Inc.
Culbertson,Satoris  Kansas State University
Ford,Michael   SUMY-Albany
Guidroz,Ashley  Denison Consulting
Hendrickson,Cheryl  AIR
Henson,Ramon  Henson Consulting
*King,Eden   George Mason U.
*Moriarty,Karen  HumRRO
*Mergen, Catherine  self-employed
*Demetriadou, Domniki J. WPG
*Petrick, Jane   Informed Decisions International
*Matheson, Nancy  AIR
*Budworth, Marie-Hélène York University
* Lisa Roberts   Edward Jones
* Jerilyn Hayward  ?
* Charlie Samuelson  Texas A&M