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SIOP Professional Practice Committee

Committee Update

Joan Brannick, Chair

2009-2010 Committee Members
Alex Alonso, Joan Brannick (Chair), Rich Cober, Deb Cohen, David Dickter, Anna Erickson, Debbie Gebhardt, Van Latham, Carl Persing, David Peterson, Mark Poteet, Heather Prather, William Shepherd, Jodi Simco, Nancy Tippins, Mo Wang

Professional Practice Committee Update (April-August 2009)
In preparing this update, I realized that I did not submit any formal goals for the Professional Practice Committee.  So, see below the list of things that this committee has accomplished since the SIOP Conference in April 2009:

1. APA Future of Psychology Practice Summit
Cris Banks and Joan Brannick attended the APA summit in May 2009 in San Antonio, TX.  Joan Brannick participated as a member of one of the facilitator note-taking teams at the summit and Cris Banks and Joan Brannick wrote/submitted an article about the summit that will appear in the October TIP.

2. APA Innovative Practice Award Citations

3. APA Model Licensure Act
As a member of SIOP’s Model Licensure Act Task Force, Joan Brannick provided two rounds of feedback to Howard Weiss, chair of the Task Force, between May 21, 2009 - June 10, 2009.

4. 2009 and 2010 Leading Edge Consortium
Per requests from Lois Tetrick and Gary Latham, the Professional Practice Committee provided feedback related to topics and programming for both the 2009 and 2010 LECs.

5. 2010 SIOP Conference
Per a request from Gary Latham, the Professional Practice Committee provided feedback on a mentoring program that is being considered as part of the EB block of time at the 2010 SIOP Conference.   This committee also submitted two Professional Practice Program ideas to be considered as part of the EB block of time at the 2010 SIOP Conference.  One program provides an update of key committee initiatives including Science for HR, Mentoring, and the Practitioner Career Study (Joan Brannick is proposed moderator for this session).  The other program is a discussion with the two APA innovative practice award winners – David Baker and Cris Banks (Alex Alonso and Joan Brannick are co-moderators for this session).  If these submissions are not approved by the EB, they will be submitted as part of the regular SIOP conference review process.

6. Professional Practice Subcommittee Progress
Two key things to note related to Professional Practice Committee subcommittee work are the two proposals that this committee has submitted for EB review at the Fall meeting related to a SIOP Practitioner Mentoring Program and a SIOP Practitioner Career Study. 

The following information about the status of various subcommittees’ work is from our conference call on July 31, 2009.  Another call is scheduled for Monday, August 31, 2009.  Per a request by the SIOP office, this document was submitted to the SIOP office for inclusion in the SIOP EB packets on August 28, 2009.

a. Practitioner Career Study – Rich Cober reported that this subcommittee has revisited and revised a draft of a proposal for a SIOP Practitioner Career Study that was initially created by members of the Professional Practice Committee when Rob Silzer was chair.  They are revising the proposal and plan on submitting it for review by the SIOP Executive Board in mid-September.
b. Practitioner Mentoring – Mark Poteet reported that this subcommittee has created a draft of a proposal for a SIOP mentoring program.  They are revising it and plan on submitting it for review by the SIOP Executive Board in mid-September.
c. Science for HR – Deb Cohen wasn’t sure of specific status or progress of this committee.  It is assumed that this initiative is moving forward per previous discussions between SHRM and SIOP leadership.  Nancy Tippins was unable to make this call but is expected to provide an update regarding this subcommittee before or during the next call on 8/31/09.
d. International Affairs – Alex Alonso reported on several initiatives that this SIOP committee is working on that involve collaborations between SIOP, APA, and various international psychological associations
e. Speech Subcommittee – Jodi Simco, chair of this subcommittee, was unable to attend the call.  David Peterson noted that he and Jodi had been unable to connect to discuss the next steps for this subcommittee.  Since this call, Jodi reached out to Joan Brannick.  Joan sent her files that contained information that this subcommittee had pulled together in the past AND Joan also connected Jodi with Chris Rotolo, chair of the Visibility Committee to discuss where this initiative best belongs.
f. Early Career Practitioner Award – Anna Erickson reported that the Awards Committee is currently in the final month or two of reviewing 2010 award nominations.  When that process is complete, she said she expects the Awards Committee to begin focusing on the creation of the criteria, nomination and review process for the Early Career Practitioner Award.  She will continue to keep this committee informed of how they may be able to support the Awards Committee in creating and implementing this award.

Professional Practice Committee Next Steps (September-December 2009)
The Professional Practice Committee anticipates the following work to be completed between now and the Winter SIOP EB meeting:

1. Continue to provide input and information on APA MLA, SIOP Conference and SIOP LEC events to Cris Banks, Practice Officer, and other SIOP leadership on an as needed basis. 
2. Joan Brannick will attend the APA Task Force meeting on the Future of Psychology Practice Summit in September 2009.  She will report back to the Practice Officer, Cris Banks, about the task force meeting itself and next steps coming out of this meeting.
3. Assuming SIOP EB approval on the mentoring program proposal and/or the practitioner career study, those subcommittees will begin moving forward on those initiatives.
4. The remaining subcommittees (Science for HR, International Affairs, Early Career Practitioner Award, and Speech) will continue moving forward on these initiatives.

If you have any questions or if you need more information about any of the information contained in this committee update, contact Joan Brannick at either (813) 672-0500 or joan@brannickhr.com.