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SIOP Communications Cluster Reports 

Fritz Drasgow, Coordinator 

2005-2006 APA/APS Relations Goals  

Submitted by: Heather Fox

Date:  June 2, 2005 

Committee Members:
Heather Fox, chair
Lorraine Eyde
Fritz Drasgow (ex officio)
Jo-Ida Hansen
Leaetta Hough (ex officio)
William Howell
Wayne Camara
Richard Klimoski
Angelo DeNisi
William Macey
Deirdre Knapp
Mary Tenopyr
Kevin Murphy
Lois Tetrick
Deniz Ones
Nancy Tippins
Paul Sackett
Sheldon Zedeck
Neal Schmitt

Comment by Chair: 


1.            Coordinate nomination of SIOP members for APA/APS committees. 

2.            Coordinate nomination of SIOP members for relevant APA/APS awards. 

3.            Develop and monitor links with APA and APS on issues of mutual interest. 

4.            Encourage APA Science and Practice Directorates to continue to dedicate staff resources to address psychology in the workplace. 

5.            Facilitate transition from ad hoc committee to standing committee with oversight of APA and APS program subcommittees. 

January 2006 Update: 

The Call for Nominations to APA Boards and Committees was sent out. 

Two people for were nominated for APA committees in the fall and we have just started the submissions process for the winter for the 2007-2009 appointments.  Lois Tetrick has been selected to serve on the Board of Scientific Affairs.


2005-2006 APS Program Committee Goals  

Submitted by: Eric Heggestad 

Date: May 24th, 2005 

Committee Members:

            Eric Heggestad, chair
Verlin Hinsz
Chuck Reeve
Jennifer Bott

Comment by Chair: 

Goals: (Number each goal and provide a brief description) 

1.      Increase the number of APS conference submissions from SIOP members.

2.      Maintain or increase the number of SIOP members who attend the APS conference.

3.      Have at least one SIOP member included in the list of invited talks and/or addresses.

4.      Have at least one SIOP member included in the cross-cutting symposia.

5.      Have at least two invited symposia given by SIOP members.

6.      Draft a To Do Calendar to pass along to future chairs

a.      This will be a document that future chairs can update/elaborate. The focus will be on when to do things as well as who to contact. 

January 2006 Update:  

Call for submissions for the 2006 conference is open.
An announcement was written and should appear in the January issue of TIP.
The last time I checked, there were only 6 posters submitted.
We have a great set of invited speakers: Rick Deshon, Don VandeWalle, Ramona Bobocel, Rich Roberts.
Next up is to begin the process of reviewing the submissions.

2005-2006 APA Program Committee Goals  

Submitted by: Paul Hanges 

Date: April 27th, 2005 

Committee Members:   Paul Hanges, Tahira Probst 

Comment by Chair: 

Goals: (Number each goal and provide a brief description) 

1.            Encourage Division 14 members attendance through TIP and other
communication vehicles as appropriate.

2.            Actively seek out symposia that would be of mutual interest to
Division 14 members and members from other divisions to increase
Division 14 exposure

a.      Work cooperatively with current SIOP program chair to identify quality proposals that are not accepted for the SIOP conference.

b.      Work cooperatively with current APS program chair for Division 14 to maximize Division 14's exposure by matching symposia topics to the interests of the majority of attendees at both conferences (e.g., testing topics for APA whereas more cognitive topics for APS).

3.            Assemble experienced review committee

4.   Lead and support cross-cutting initiatives that involve multiple divisions for cluster and plenary programming.

5.   Plan APA 2005 and 2006 joint reception with multiple divisions

a. Solicit outside sponsors for reception

6.            Develop programming that addresses the 2006 APA Convention themes of (1) improving the quality of life for families, and (2) diversity 

September 1 Update:  

1.  Wrote TIP call for proposals: 

Call for Submissions to APA 2006 Convention 

Online Call for Submissions Currently Open Until Friday, December X, 2005 

It is time to think about the 2006 APA Convention in New Orleans, LA.  The APA convention will be from Thursday, August 10 through Sunday, August 13 in 2006.  Division 14 would like to heartily encourage your participation in this conference. 

As you may recall, APA has moved to an online submission process.  Details of this process and the Call for Programs appear in the September issue of the APA Monitor as well as on the APA website at http://apacustomout.apa.org/convcall/.  All submissions must arrive by Friday, December 2, 2005 to be considered for acceptance.  The SIOP program at APA will be created from your submissions of posters, symposia, tutorials, conversation hours, panel discussions, and other formats you wish to propose.  Stand-alone papers for oral presentation will not be accepted.  

Submissions will be considered from APA and/or SIOP members or from individuals sponsored by an APA or SIOP member.  Questions may be directed to the Division 14 Program Chair, Paul Hanges, at Hanges@psyc.umd.edu.  

2. Please note the following from Norman Anderson:  As many of you know, the APA annual convention is scheduled for next summer in New Orleans.  In making a decision about whether go forward with our meeting in this location, the Board of Directors will take into account a number of variables, including what is best for our members, the city of New Orleans, and the quality of our convention.  APA staff members are gathering information now on the timetable the city is projecting for recovery efforts, our contractual relationship with New Orleans, and potential alternative sites for the meeting next year if needed.  Rest assured that there will be an APA convention in 2006, and the location will be determined as soon as is feasible. 


Communication Task Force Committee Goals: Progress in 2005/6 

Submitted by:   Mary L. Doherty

Date:  12/19/2005 

Committee Members:  Jim Beaty, Wendy Becker, Laura Koppes, Mary Doherty 

Comment by Chair: 

Goals: (Number each goal and provide a brief description) 

  1. Select Survey Vendor for 2006 2007 survey processing.  Fritz requested that the Communications Task Force provide a recommendation to the EC by September 1, 2005 so that the EC can vote on the recommendation at the Fall Meeting.

Goal accomplished. 

  1. Coordinate 2006 Membership Survey.  The current plan is to administer the Membership Survey to SIOP members for completion in January 2006.

In progress.  We are working with Questar to prepare the survey.  Questar is computerizing the survey and getting it ready to administer to the SIOP members. 

  1. Continue work on the I-O Reader if it progresses.

Project discontinued.

  1. Determine if there are additional ways that the area of industrial and organizational psychology can be presented more visibly to psychology departments, business colleges, and the business world.  

We have not determined any additional ways to increase the visibility of I-O psychology.

2005-2006 Electronic Communications Committee Goals  

Submitted by: Jim Beaty 

Date:   January 2006 update 

Committee Members:  
Jennifer Frame, Dow Chemical 
Michael Howard, Harrah's Entertainment
Fred Oswald, Michigan State University
Chris Henle, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Jim Beatty, ePredix


1.   Our key goal is to contribute to the updating of the siop web site.
I've not made contact with David Nershi yet to see what role we can
play. But I'll report back when we have some progress.

2.   One other goal is to evaluate and improve the effectiveness/usage of
the discussion lists. I'm not sure how to judge success yet. Defining
that is the first step. 

Comment by Chair: 

We've been working on getting the web-site updated. We helped the AO draft an RFP which was sent to vendors. The deadline for vendors to reply was Nov 29. Of more than a dozen proposals submitted, the AO selected six for the ECC to review and recommend final vendor selection. The ECC will have its review complete by Dec 21 and the vendor will be selected late Dec or early Jan. 

ECC will help in onboarding the software and will partner with the Visibility Committee in providing feedback on the layout of the new website. I'm joining a visibility meeting today (by phone) to update them and start that ball rolling. 

Concerns that I have moving forward are what exactly we get for 20k and if that meets our needs. I'm also concerned about how we do a good job of maintaining the web site content and keep the look fresh and attractive. Those will be key focus areas for me as we move forward in the next few months.

2005-2006 TIP Committee Goals

Submitted by:            Laura Koppes, TIP Editor 

Date:                           January 5, 2006 

Committee Members (Editorial Board)
Natalie Allen
Adam Bandelli
Adrienne Bauer
David Costanza
Lori Foster Thompson
Arthur Gutman
Michael Harris
Jennifer Kisamore
Frank Landy
Gabriel E. Lopez Rivas
Bill Macey
Scott Martin
Paul Muchinsky
Raymond Charles Ottinot
Miquel Quiones
R. Jason Weiss
Michael Zickar


1.      Feature the annual conference in the July issue.  All column editors have been asked to include highlights from the conference.  In addition, SIOP award winners have been invited to submit essays on their conference presentation topics.  (Complete:  several column editors covered the conference.  In addition, features on the conference were included, which were written by award winners.  We will feature the 2006 conference in the July issue).

2.      Review the I-O Ethicist column to determine its future existence in TIP.  (Ongoing:  I need to talk with Bill Macey about this column.)

3.      Cultivate an international community and promote awareness of international issues in the Society.  (Ongoing:  Every issue contains material from other countries, and in most cases, multiple countries are included.)

4.      Incorporate international perspectives in existing columns.  (Ongoing:  Column editors continue to incorporate global perspectives.)

5.      Review current structure and format of TIP to identify areas of improvement and possible editorial changes.  (Ongoing:  I plan to make recommendations for the new editor, who will assume the role in April 2007.)

6.      Gather feedback through the SIOP member survey.  (Ongoing:  data are being collected.)

7.      Continue the excellence and quality established by predecessors.  (Ongoing) 

8.      Identify additional goals through gathering input from members and the editorial board members.   (Ongoing)

9.      NEW GOAL:  A successor for TIP editor should be identified during 2006 so there is a period of transition between editors. 

Editorial Board Changes

Some editorial board changes occurred during 2005.  Neil Hauenstein retired as the column editor for the Education and Training column, and was replaced by David Costanza and Jennifer Kisamore.  Lynn McFarland retired from the Careers Column, and based on Lynns recommendation, the column was retired as well.  Scott Martin joined the editorial board to head up the Practice Network column.  Andi Kimbrough, Jaime Durley, and Corey Munoz completed their 2-year term as editors of the TIP-Topics for students.  Through a selective process, 3 student editors were chosen to head the column; they are Adam Bandelli, Gabriel E. Lopez Rivas, and Raymond Charles Ottinot.  Michelle Donovan retired from the Spotlight on Local I-O Organizations, and was replaced by Lori Foster Thompson.  Lori has expanded the column to include I-O groups in other countries.  Mike Zickar joined the editorial board to lead a column on I-O history, called The History Corner. 


Thanks to all the editorial board members for their wonderful contributions.  I also thank David Pollack and Clif Boutelle who provide regular columns.  Finally, a HUGE thanks goes to the SIOP Administrative Office, especially Jen Baker, for taking our content and turning it into print. 

2005 2006 Visibility Committee Goals  

Submitted by:               Wendy S. Becker 

Date:                           1/05/2006 

Committee Members:  
Clif Boutelle, Media/PR Consultant, SIOP Admin Office
Michelle Dusig, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky, and Walker, LLP
Jeff Jolton, Genesee Survey Services
Paul Mastrangelo, Genesee Survey Services
Nils Olsen, George Washington University
Chris Rotolo, Behavioral Insights, LLC
Wendy Becker, University at Albany

Accomplishments to Goals January, 2006 

I.        Enhance Our Identity. 

II.   Gain Visibility with Related Professions.

III.  Gain Visibility with Students and in Academia.

IV.  Get I/O Stories into the Media.

V.   Gain Visibility via Local & Grass-Roots Efforts.

VI.  Coordinate & Collaborate with SIOP Committees. 

I.  Enhance Our Identity.   

A. SIOP annual conference. Visibility submitted a proposal which was accepted for 2006:

Making Connections: Strategies for Communicating I/O to Non-I/O Audiences.  

Abstract. Four practitioners discuss the challenges inherent in presenting complex I/O concepts and results to non-I/O audiences. Strategies for communicating the value of I/O activities to executives, selling psychological products to professionals and non-professionals, translating I/O research in court, and conducting a communication make-over of I/O presentations are demonstrated. 


Jeffrey A. Jolton, Kenexa, Co-Chair
Wendy S. Becker, University at Albany, Co-Chair

Leslie Joyce, The Home Depot, I/O for the XO.

John W. Jones, IPAT, Inc., Ethically Selling Psychological Products and Services to          Professionals and Non-Professionals.

Kathleen K. Lundquist, Applied Psychological Techniques, Inc., Making Your Case: Judicious Tips for Communicating with Judges, Juries and Attorneys.

Jeffrey A. Jolton, Kenexa; Donna Uchida, Arysta LifeScience; Lori J. Carrell, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; Clear Eye for the I/O Guy (and Gal): An Extreme Presentation Makeover.              

B. Katzell Media Award. 

1. Visibility helped Paul Thayer and the SIOP Foundation develop ideas for Raymond A. Katzell Media Award in I-O Psychology, a gift from Kitty Katzell in honor of her husband Ray. The award will recognize members of the media, such as science writers, reporters, television writers, directors, and producers, who have publicized good I-O science and practice in the public media. 

2. Each year the winner of the award will be invited to the SIOP conference to receive recognition and a cash award. The winner will make a presentation at SIOP. 

3. Visibility will provide support for this award, as requested.  

C. Fall Consortium.  

1. Visibility was charged by President Leaetta Hough to help promote the 2005 Fall Consortium. Visibility developed a spreadsheet of PR/advertising ideas and was intensely involved promoting the event using free ads at Academy of Management and several dozen additional websites, distribution of flyers at APA and Academy of Management. 

2. Registration target of 100 was exceeded and registration approached 200. 

3. Visibility Chair attended 1st annual Fall Consortium in St. Louis. 

D. Website Improvement Project. 

1. Visibility asked Jim Beatty for an update on the Website project during our conference call on 12-14-05. Jims committee is in the last stages of reviewing potential vendors. Two committee members are evaluating six proposals; deadline to identify 2-3 finalists is Dec 21. By April, 2006 the new website will be up and running. 

2. Visibility members discussed the importance of having the tools for an attractive website. In addition to an improved content management system, Visibility members stressed ease of use and the look of the site. SHRM and piop.net were discussed. Visibility will keep in touch with Jims group as their work progresses. 

II. Gain Visibility with Related Professions.  

APA's Decade of Behavior (DOB) Initiative. Visibility has been active in DOB activities & has announced opportunities for SIOP members in TIP. Nils Olsen attends monthly meetings. I/O is one of only 5 consistent representatives. Nils has scheduled a face-to-face meeting with Steve Breckler at APA to get word on continuation of DOB. 

III. Gain Visibility with Students and in Academia.   

Junior Faculty Pre-Conference Consortium. Visibility developed the idea for the first annual Junior Faculty Consortium, which will be held on Thursday May 4, 2006 at the Adams Mark Hotel in Dallas, prior to the SIOP conference. This session will provide a forum for discussion of topics of interest to pre-tenure faculty. Speakers include Rich Arvey, Jose Cortina, Fritz Drasgow, Jim Farr, Jerald Greenberg, Milt Hakel, Rich Klimoski, Frank Landy, Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt and Shelly Zedeck and more. Interested participants will sign up during the SIOP registration process; there is a $50 fee for lunch and beverages.

IV. Get I/O Stories into the Media.    

A. Clif Boutelle has reviewed the program and is developing ideas for media calls and press interest. Clif is in contact with a PR firm in Dallas for contacts. 

B. Several consulting companies have been in contact with Clif and AO to assist in promoting their employees presentations at SIOP. For example, Hogan Assessment has 15 employees on the program and wants to help support media interest. 

C. Clif suggests keeping in contact with the Public Relations offices at universities. Clif has been helping faculty get their research into the public eye by working with their school PR offices. These media-savvy offices can help create a win-win for SIOP and the faculty involved.  

V. Gain Visibility via Local/Grass-Roots Efforts.  

Visibility discussed SIOP 2007 New York. Visibility members are impressed in the line-up of speakers that APS has gathered for its next meeting. Clif is investigating. Chris Rotolo has experience putting together a high-profile group in NYC thanks to his leadership at METRO. 

VI. Coordinate & Collaborate with SIOP Committees.  

A. Visibility works closely with Communications Chair, Mary Kelly. 

B. Visibility participated in the SIOP Survey Vendor Selection Committee. 

C. Visibility worked with Joyce Bono and the Awards Committee. 

D. Visibility is working with Gilad Chen, Scientific Affairs. 

E. Visibility is working with Jim Beatty, Electronic Communications. 

F. Ideas were generated about better communication within SIOP: between committees and with members. We discussed list-servs, web boards, WebEx, broadcasting open meetings on topics. The success of communications such as HR-DIV and RM-Net (through Academy of Management) was noted. 

G. Visibility continues monthly conference calls (4th Wednesday of every month) at 4:00 EST.   

H. Members include Clif Boutelle, Jeff Jolton, Paul Mastrangelo, Nils Olsen, Joel Philo, Chris Rotolo, Mahesh Subramony, Michelle Wiener, and Wendy Becker.    


Wendy S. Becker
University at Albany
January 4, 2006