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E&T Update

January 2006


Submitted by: Steven Rogelberg 

Doctoral Consortium (in progress)

Organize and implement a successful doctoral consortium at the 2006 SIOP Conference.  This subcommittee operates under the umbrella of E&T, but is basically independent.  Update from Chair: 

Chair:  Harold Goldstein  

Continuing Education Coordination (in progress)

Collaborate with Chairs involved in developing and offering continuing education activities and educate them about APA guidelines and requirements.  Provide material as needed to APA to assure that all our CE programs are approved.  Identify, engage, and manage a vendor to donate and provide pre-post evaluation of all CE credit awarding sessions offered by SIOP.  Research and evaluate SIOP's potential for providing CE opportunities to the membership outside the annual workshop and conference setting.  This subcommittee operates under the umbrella of E&T, but is basically independent.  Update from Chair: 

Chair:  Judith Blanton 

Lecture Series (in progress)

To help promote the diversity of our profession and to make I-O psychology more accessible to underserved populations, a lecture series (the Speakers Bureau of I-O Psychologists) will be created.  This would provide speakers to psychology and social science departments at Universities that do not currently have any full-time I-O faculty members.  A list of available speakers and topics would be prepared (perhaps regionally).  Schools would apply to have speakers come to their school with most or all of the costs funded by a stipend provided by SIOP.  This committee is funded by the SIOP Foundation. 

Chair: Todd Harris

Update from Chair: Im waiting to hear back from the Visibility committee, regarding adding a field in the current Media Resources Form where SIOP members could volunteer their services for the Outreach Lecture Series. Once Wendy signs off on that, well have Larry Nader and his team do the necessary programming to siop.org.  Once this tool is built and functional, well start advertising its existence via siop.org and perhaps a direct email to the SIOP membership.  A mention in TIP would also be a likely follow-up step.  We already have the text written for this advertising campaign.   At that point, well see what type of response we have gotten from the SIOP membership to see whether we have a viable service to offer. If, as expected, we do, well begin advertising the service to psychology departments throughout the U.S. 

5. Teaching Aids (in progress)

Status: The charge is develop a pool of teaching aids such as lecture examples, discussion topics, syllabi, learning exercises, and group exercises for teachers of I-O to use.  A website will be designed and hopefully implemented.  Update from Chair:  The Teaching Aids subcommittee has accomplished two major tasks between January and August 2005.  First, we gathered syllabi and teaching exercises from a wide variety of instructors of I-O psychology courses.  We have, at present, about a dozen syllabi and over two dozen exercises.  Second, as a way of making these teaching aids available and forming a community of teachers, we have proposed the creation of a website dedicated to the teaching community.  We determined that the best way to promote a teaching community would be the creation of an interactive website that would allow users to load content and use content with ease.  The E&T Committee chair will bring our proposal to Executive Board.  In the event of their approval of the proposal, we will work with SIOP's IT staff (chiefly with Larry Nader) to purchase the software for the website and to get it installed on the SIOP web-server.  We will also work with the staff to upload the aforementioned teaching materials.  We will then test the website by sending the link to a set of teachers who will be asked to both upload and download materials as well as to report any difficulties with the website.  Once the website is deemed "bug-free" we will write an article for TIP announcing the site and will work to advertise the website at the SIOP conference and through other channels (e.g., emailing department chairs and I-O division chairs).

Chair:  Carrie Bulger

Update from Chair: In August, our stated goals were to 1) propose a Teaching Resources website to the Executive Board, 2) to work with the IT staff to purchase and install Wiki software on the SIOP web-server, 3) to format the website and load teaching materials onto it, and 4) to test the website for ease of use and utility with various instructors of I-O Psychology. To date, we have received approval for the website, the software has been purchased and installed, and the committee is working on the content and format of the website. A brief article will appear in the January issue of TIP to let members know this website is coming online.

Goals & Key Dates

Our overarching goal remains to have the website up and running no later than the 2006 SIOP conference (May 2006). Therefore, between now (November 2005) and April 2006, the subcommittee will continue to edit and test the content of the website. The E&T Chair and committee members will recall that this subcommittee previously gathered teaching materials from various instructors of I-O courses, we now need to obtain permission from those instructors to post their materials on the Teaching Resources website. We will also ask a subset of instructors to test the website for ease of use (accessing materials, adding materials) and for utility (other links or topics needed). A full article explaining the website and use thereof should appear in the April TIP, which means an article needs to be submitted to the TIP editor by February 1.


The Teaching Aids subcommittee is on target to meet its goals for this year. 

6. Masters Student Consortium at SIOP (in progress)

Given the tremendous success of the SIOP doctoral consortium, the desirability of a SIOP Masters Student Consortium was examined. The response was extremely favorable.  A proposal to SIOP requesting approval will be submitted.  We hope to implement a program at the 2006 SIOP.  Update from the Chair: We are working on a proposal for the Master's Student Consortium at SIOP 2007 so that you can discuss the issue with the SIOP Executive Committee at the September meeting. We have a working document, and are looking at another round of modifications.

Chair:  Tim Huelsman

Update from Chair: None provided 

7. High School Teachers Outreach and Workshops (in progress)

High school teachers often have limited backgrounds in psychology, and many have no exposure to I-O.  The subcommittees mission is to connect with high school teachers to help fill this gap.  This committee is funded by the SIOP Foundation.  Update from Chair:  Doug Maynard and Elise Amel are finishing formatting the I-O unit plan for TOPSS.  Working on PR materials (pamphlet/webpage/newsletter) to dovetail with our unit plan.   Recently weve been invited by TOPSS to create a poster of some kind.  Specifically, Debra Park is wondering about a career series.  Maybe something that shows how I-O is related to/incorporates many different concepts and areas of psychology would be a place to start.   Developing/locating information about IO psychology that could be linked to the TOPSS website (www.apa.org/ed/topss/homepage.html)

Chair:  Elise L. Amel

Update from Chair: I am still integrating changes to our lesson plan based on our self-review.  We should have the final working copy sent to TOPSS in December.  Also, December and January are the deadlines for us to submit proposals for dissemination to various conferences.  We have not addressed the pamphlet/poster idea to dovetail with our lesson plan, but I will have time to do that in the Spring. 

8. Self-Study Modules (in progress)

The purpose of the subcommittee is to assess member interest in self-study training courses (various IO topics) potentially for CE credit.  Based on early data, interest is very high.  Implementation issues are to be examined.  Update from Chair: I am preparing a summary of our survey for TIP and we will begin discussions when classes are back in session on implementation.

 Chair:  Vic Catano

Update from Chair: On-going activity 

9. E&T TIP Column (in progress)

Generate articles for the TIP Column.

Column Editors:  David Costanza and Jennifer Kisamore

Update from Chair: The E&T TIP column is, I think, going very well. We've received and published a series of interesting articles and have several more already in the hopper. 

10. Program Directors Meeting at the Conference  (in progress)

Organize a Program Directors meeting for the 2005 SIOP Conference.

Update: All scheduled and arranged 

11. Undergraduate Concentration in I-O, Benchmarking Study (New)

Conduct research to identify universities with undergraduate concentrations/minors in I-O psychology.  Create a document outlining the programs.  Communicate the findings in TIP and on the SIOP website.  This will hopefully encourage more universities to create programs for interested undergraduate students which ultimately will maintain and work to increase the number of students interested in I-O psychology graduate programs.  Update from Chair: Our group is talking about strategies for contacting undergraduate I-O programs. Weve corresponded mainly by email, but are planning a phone conference (everyone has been out on vacation).

Chair: Jennifer Bott

Update from Chair: All is going well with the UG I-O Concentration group. We are finalizing our questions today and will have a web survey up in the next week. We believe that all UG programs may not have faculty who are members of SIOP and, as such, weve chosen to go to APA for our contact list. Alice is working with the educational directorate group at APA to try and track down UG program directors and is running into some obstacles. One of which is contact method: APA only has mail addresses (no email) for these program directors. We were wondering if we had any sort of a budget to send postcards? This is obviously not our preferred solution, but it may be the only option that we have.