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2005-2006 Workshop Committee Update and Goals

 (January 2006)



SIOP's workshop committee has put together a terrific line-up of 14 workshops for 2006 in Dallas.  Workshop topics and presenters were finalized.  Written information pertaining to the workshops was provided to the SIOP office to be used in all materials (e.g., TIP, SIOP website, etc.) for workshop advertising and registration.  Workshop titles, presenters, and coordinators are listed below: 

1.       Defending Minimum Qualifications for E-Applicants and Beyond.  David W. Arnold, Wonderlic, Inc., Lisa W. Borden, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, James C. Sharf, Employment Risk Advisors, Inc.  Coordinator: Suzanne Tsacoumis, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO). 

2.       The I-O Psychologist and the Executive Committee:  Lessons from the Front Line.  Ben E. Dowell, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Erika DEgidio, Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Coordinator: Robert Schmieder, Schmieder & Associates. 

3.       High-Impact Leadership Development Systems.  Eric D. Elder, Bank of America and Gail Wise, Right Management Consultants.  Coordinator: Shane Douthitt, Bank of America. 

4.       Driving Business Success through Understanding and Leveraging Corporate and National Cultures.  Miriam Erez, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Zeynep Aycan, Koc University, and Brad Hall, ABN AMRO Bank.  Coordinator: Sara Weiner, IBM. 

5.       Employment Law:  That Was The Year That Was And What Might Be Next.  Art Gutman, Florida Institute of Technology and Donald L. Zink, Personnel Management Decisions.  Coordinator: Peter Bachiochi, Eastern Connecticut State University. 

6.       The State-of-the-Art in E-Learning.  Leslie W. Joyce, The Home Depot and Charles Gardner, The Home Depot.  Coordinator: Barbara Fritzsche, University of Central Florida. 

7.       Separating Wheat from Chaff:  Interpreting Results from Contemporary Analytic Methods.  Rod McCloy, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) and Gary Lautenschlager, University of Georgia.  Coordinator: Wendy Richman-Hirsch, Mercer Human Resource Consulting. 

8.       Global Talent Management:  An Idea Whose Time Has Come.  Colleen ONeill, Mercer Human Resource Consulting.  Coordinator: Bill Sipe, Mercer Human Resource Consulting. 

9.       Recent Practical, Methodological and Statistical Advances in the Detection of Adverse Impact and Test Bias.  James J. Outtz, Outtz and Associates and Paul J. Hanges, University of Maryland.  Coordinator: Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University. 

10.   Designing and Implementing Performance Management:  Best Practices and Applied Realities.  Elaine D. Pulakos, Personnel Decisions Research Institutes and Nancy L. Rotchford, Ingram Micro Inc.  Coordinator: Rose Mueller-Hanson, Personnel Decisions Research Institutes. 

11.   Breathing New Life into Assessment Centers:  Leveraging Assessment, Learning, and Technology to Develop Top Talent.  Kirk L. Rogg, Aon Consulting and John C. Scott, Applied Psychological Techniques (APT), Inc.  Coordinator: Robin Cohen, Bristol-Myers Squibb 

12.   The Ropes to Learn and the Ropes to Skip:  Facilitating Executive On Boarding.  Lorraine Stomski, Aon Consulting and Seymour Adler, Aon Consulting.  Coordinator: Joan Gutkowski, Time Warner. 

13.   Driving Higher Performance Within Your (Internal or External) Consulting Practice.    Jack W. Wiley, Gantz Wiley Research and Kevin J. Nilan, 3M.  Coordinator: Michelle Donovan, Intel Corporation. 

14.   Understanding the Financial Context of Organizations:  What I-O Psychologists Should Know.  Mark Young, Personnel Decisions International and Peter Ramstad, Personnel Decisions International.  Coordinator: Debra Drenth, Franklin Templeton.


Goals for the workshop committee for 2005-2006 are:

  1. Develop at least 14 but no more than 16 pre-conference workshops with high demand that will attract full participation in May 2006 (completed)
  2. Create clear guidelines for presenters to use in preparing workshop handouts (in progress)
  3. Collaborate with CE Coordinator to ensure pre-past evaluation of CE credit awarding sessions in accordance with APA guidelines (in progress)
  4. Identify a chair-in training for shadowing me during 2007 workshop development process (in progress; Ive emailed/left message for the President-elect about this issue; have not heard back from him; President-elect needs to approve recommended candidates for consideration and give OK for me to approach)


Workshop Committee Members for 2005-2006

Joan Brannick, Brannick HR Connections (Chair)
Peter Bachiochi, Eastern Connecticut State University
Robin Cohen, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University
Michelle Donovan, Intel Corporation
Shane Douthitt, Bank of America
Debra Drenth, Franklin Templeton
Barbara Fritzsche, University of Central Florida
Joan Gutkowski, Time Warner, Inc.
Rose Mueller-Hanson, PDRI, Inc.
Wendy Richman-Hirsch, Mercer HR Consulting
Rob Schmieder, Schmieder & Associates
Bill Sipe, Mercer HR Consulting
Suzanne Tsacoumis, HumRRO
Sara Weiner, IBM