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Progress Report – Awards Committee

Wendy Boswell, Chair
January, 2008

1. Goal with brief description: Increase the number of nominations submitted for the “Distinguished” awards


  • Increase “advertisement” of awards and nomination process via email and other sources (e.g., listserves, during conference, on website, TIP)
  • Ensure website is accurate and up-to-date


  • This is an action item for this coming Spring/summer 
  • In regards to the Distinguished Service Award, recent SIOP presidents will be queried this Spring regarding “who has been involved”
  • The EC will be updated regarding the number of nominations three weeks prior to the nomination deadline
  • Website is updated

2. Goal: Enhance the diversity of members of the Award Committee


  • Purposefully invite scholars from diverse sources and backgrounds to serve on the committee as award chairs or members such as:
    • Non-U.S.
    • teaching universities
    • practitioners
    • volunteer forms
    • I-O psychologists in non-psych and non-business schools
  • Encourage individual award committee chairs to do the same
  • Analyze each award committee to monitor “diversity”


  • On-going – I will continue to consider diversity in picking committee chairs and encouraging committee chairs to focus on diversity in assembling their individual committees

3. Goal: Evaluate the Raymond A. Katzell Media Award in I-O Psychology


  • Allow one more attempt to award a winner (2008). If unsuccessful:
    • Re-evaluate the criteria and expectations for the award
    • Consider changing criteria and/or procedure for the award


  • We currently have 2 nominations for this award

Updates or Comments From Chair:

Award committee recommendations for the “1st round awards” were approved by the EC at the September 2007 EC meeting. All award winners, nominators, and non-winners were notified by me following the EC meeting (the week of Sept. 17th). Award committee members were also notified regarding the approval of their recommendations and thanked for their hard work.

Nominations for the “2nd round awards” are currently open. The call for nominations was included in the October 2007 issue of TIP. The awards available include: 1) Small Grant program provides funding for academic/practitioner research ($15,000 available; maximum of $5,000 per grant); 2) Graduate Student Scholarships to provide scholarships to graduate students in I-O or related field (two scholarships for $3,000 and $3,500 Lee Hakel scholarship); and 3) Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Graduate Student Fellowship to provide support for graduate students in I-O whose focus is training/development or selection/placement ($10,000). As of January 2, no nominations had been submitted for any of these scholarships/grants (though this seems typical given the timing and nature of the awards).

We are also still accepting nominations for the Raymond A. Katzell Media Award in I-O Psychology. As noted above, two nominations for the Katzell Award have been submitted, which seems very promising given the past challenges with this award.

The nomination deadline for these “2nd round awards” is February 1, 2008. Because these award winners will be included in the SIOP Program this year, the winners must be determined and the report submitted by March 3. The three committee chairs have agreed to provide me with their recommendations by February 25, only allowing the committees three weeks to evaluate and determine the winners. The nomination deadline should be adjusted next year (perhaps January 19) to provide the committee more time to make their recommendations.

I am drafting a “process map” for the award decision-making process. As discussed at the September EC meeting, the award committee currently has no standardized process to follow, and there was some confusion regarding such issues as make-up of the committees and whether committee members should have a “discussion” before making a final recommendation. This process map will be drafted in consultation with Talya early this Spring and distributed to the EC by the SIOP meeting for comments/suggestions. My goal is to have the process map finalized and ready for implementation by the next award round (July ’08).