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Update on SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

Paul Sackett, Editor

1. Journal content

Issue 1 is in production; members will receive the first issue in March.  It will contain 1) an article by Bill Macey and Ben Schneider on employee engagement, followed by 13 commentaries and an integrative response, and 2) an article by Chuck Lance on assessment centers followed by 10 commentaries and an integrative response. Attached to this report is a table of contents for Issue 1, listing the authors and titles of all commentaries

Issue 2 will contain an article by Kevin Murphy on performance ratings and an article integrating input from 22 countries on the legal environment for personnel selection.  Commentaries were solicited with a Dec. 15 deadline, and are currently under review.

Issue 3 will contain an article by Leaetta Hough and Fred Oswald on the currently hot topic of the use of personality measures in personnel selection and an article by Scott Highhouse on decision maker reliance on subjective judgment vs objective measurement.  Those articles will be posted and commentaries solicited about Feb. 1.

Issue 4 will contain an article by Frank Landy on prejudice and stereotyping, focusing on bringing I-O psychologists up to date on research developments in other areas of psychology, and an article by Kurt Kraiger examining the implications for I-O research and practice of modern developments in learning theory from other fields (e.g., education, cognitive psychology).  These articles are currently in development.

The journal’s editorial board is in the midst of a process of generating and evaluating topics and authors for subsequent issues of the journal.

2. Activities at SIOP linked to the journal launch

Members will have received Issue 1 in the month before SIOP. Wiley-Blackwell is planning a reception at SIOP to publicize the journal.  I requested and received program time for a session featuring the journal.  We will have a session which presents a “live” version of part of Issue 1:  The authors of the Macey-Schneider piece on employee engagement and the authors of 4 of the commentaries will continue the discussion of the engagement construct.

3. Observations about the journal thus far:

My goals of a balance of academic and professional practice perspectives are being met on the authorship front.  Each of the first four issues contains a focal article with a professional practice perspective and with authorship representation from the practice world (Bill Macey, Leaetta Hough, Frank Landy, several authors from a practice perspective for the article on international perspectives on fair employment practices).  For the first two issues, there is professional practice involvement in the commentary process for all articles thus far. There are, though, markedly more submissions from academically based authors.

My goals of international representation are being met. One focal article explicitly reflects this, as I invited psychologists from 21 countries, plus the US, to participate in a project dealing with the legal environment for selection. In addition, there is good international representation in the commentaries thus far (commentaries have been solicited for the first two issues).

About 90% of commentaries are submitted on the day of the commentary deadline.  This makes life quite uncertain for the editor.

I’m eagerly, if apprehensively, looking forward to reactions once people see the first issue.  At this point the journal remains an abstraction to most; I’m hoping that seeing a copy or two will help make the concept concrete for people, and will encourage participation in the commentary process.

Table of Contents – Issue 1:1
Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice


• “From the Editor”

o Paul Sackett

Focal Article

• “The Meaning of Employee Engagement”

o William Macey and Benjamin Schneider


• “Been There, Bottled That:  Are State and Behavioral Work Engagement New and Useful Construct ‘Wines’?”

o Daniel A. Newman and David A. Harrison

• “Conceptual Verses Empirical Distinctions Among Constructs:  Implications for Discriminant Validity”

o James K. Harter and Frank L. Schmidt

•  “The Meaning and Bleeding of Employee Engagement:  How Muddy is the Water?”

o Alan M. Saks

•  “Employee Engagement at the Organizational Level of Analysis”

o S. Douglas Pugh and Joerg Dietz

• “Is Behavioral Engagement a Distinct and Useful Construct?”

o Mark A. Griffin, Sharon K. Parker, and Andrew Neal

• “Defining Employee Engagement for Productive Research and Practice”

o Reeshad S. Dalal, Bradley J. Brummel, Serena Wee, and Lisa L. Thomas

• “Leveraging Employee Engagement:  The Practical Implications”

o Mark A. Royal, Rebecca C. Masson, Tom G. Agnew, and Saul Fine

•  “Employee Engagement from a Self-determination Theory Perspective”

o John P. Meyer and Marylène Gagné

• “Representations of Trait Engagement:  Integration, Additions, and Mechanisms”

o Robert R. Hirschfeld and Christopher H. Thomas

•  “The Word is Out:  We Need an Active Performance Concept for Modern Work Places”

o Michael Frese

•  “On the Skilled Aspect of Employee Engagement”

o Michael J. Burke

• “State-Trait Returns!  And One Practitioner’s Request…”

o Richard M. Vosburgh 

•  “Enriched Engagement Through Assistance to System Change:  A Proposal”

o George B. Graen

Response from Authors

• “Engaged in Engagement:  We’re Delighted We Did It”

o William Macey and Benjamin Schneider

Focal Article

• “Why Assessment Centers Don’t Work the Way They’re Supposed To”

o Charles Lance


• “Making Assessment Centers Work the Way They’re Supposed To”

o Ann Howard

• “Mend it, Don’t End it:  An Alternate View of Assessment Center Construct-related Validity Evidence”

o Winfred Arthur, Jr., Eric Anthony Day, and David J. Woehr

•  “What Does Exercise-based Assessment Really Mean?”

o Filip Lievens

• “The Construct Validity of the Assessment Center Method and Usefulness of Dimensions as Focal Constructs”

o Deborah E. Rupp, George C. Thornton, III, and Alyssa M. Gibbons

• “A Pragmatic View of Assessment Dimensions and Exercises”

o Brian S. Connelly, Deniz S. Ones, Anuradha Ramesh, and Maynard Goff

• “It is Not Yet Time to Dismiss Dimensions in Assessment Centers”

o Klaus G. Melchers and Cornelius J. König

• “Improving Assessment Centers by the Trimodal Concept of Personnel Assessment”

o Heinz Schuler

• “Back to Basics of Test Construction and Scoring”

o Michael T. Brannick

• “Assessment Centers Work, But for Different Reasons”

o Joel Moses 

•  “Narrow Standards for Efficacy and the Research playground:  Why Either/Or Conclusions Don’t Help”

o Robert G. Jones and Richard J. Klimoski


Response from Author

• “Where Have We Been, How Did We Get There, and Where Should We Go?”

o Charles Lance