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SIOP State Affairs

Judith (Judy) Blanton, State Affairs Chair 

As chair, I attended the Association of State and Provincial Boards of Psychology. I believe this is an important meeting that a SIOP representative should attend each year in order to increase awareness of the needs of I-O psychologists because many of the Boards are narrowly focused on the clinical area. I was able to meet with Steve DeMurs and Judy Hall of ASPPB and the National Register respectively. They agreed to include an I-O psychologist as advisor to the ASPPB-National Register committee that "designates" psychology programs. We should suggest three nominees and they will make the final selection but this person would be involved in reviewing any I-O programs. There are currently three I-O programs (and another being considered) in the ASPPB-National Register designation. Becoming "designated" requires only a review of materials, not a site visit, and would be extremely helpful in allowing I-O graduates to become licensed. ASPPB is also working on a Model Act for licensure and regulation, similar to that of APA. I have discussed making sure that I-O input is included as this develops. (I submitted a longer trip report to the President after the meeting) The committee has also continued to review changes in state and provincial laws and regulations. I will be part of a group in California that will update its jurisprudence exam for licensure to make sure that it is appropriate for I-O psychologists wishing to be licensed.

THe APA model Act Task Force reviewed input fon the initial draft rom mulitiple groups in December (ncluding input from a SIOP group). The concerns of SIOP were taken seriously and were one reason why the entire process has slowed down. I encourage SIOP to continue discussion of the licensure issue. Another draft will be developed in the next 6 months.