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APA Program Committee Progress Report 

September 2007
Chris Robert

The APA Program Committee has made progress on a number of goals. Specifically:
  •  Commitments to serve on the APA program committee have been received from a team of 20 individuals, about ½ of which will be serving on the program committee for the first time. One individual who had indicated willingness to serve on the APA Program Committee was invited individually to serve (and did not reply), and additional individuals who had indicated a willingness to serve on other APA committees were invited as well.
  • An advertisement for submission deadlines for the conference has been submitted for publication in the October issue of TIP.
  • For 2007, researchers who submitted their proposals for consideration for the annual SIOP conference were able to indicate whether they would like their (rejected) submissions to be automatically considered for the APA conference. With the help of Steven Rogelberg, SIOP committee program chair, this procedure will continue for 2008.
  • Two individuals from the Boston area have been identified as possible keynote speakers, and an invitation to speak will be sent following the completion of this year’s APA conference in San Francisco.
In the next several months, we will invite keynote speakers, develop a special program to expose non-SIOP members to the science, practice, and/or teaching of I-O psychology, and specifically solicit submissions and/or help with arrangements from Boston area SIOP members.