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APS Committee Report

August 20, 2007

Michele Gelfand, SIOP Representative to APS
At this point, all invited talks and symposia are lined up for the I-O track of APS. We have a terrific line up of speakers!
  • On Friday of the APS conference, I have created, along with Sian Bellock at U Chicago, a session entitled “Science of learning, competitiveness, and real-world achievement" which involves IO psychologists, Social Psychologists, and Cognitive Psychologists. The theme description is:  
“This symposium cuts across research in cognitive, educational, social, and organizational psychology related to learning and achievement in real world education and work settings. Speakers will present cutting edge work on the science of learning and performance from the individual level to the level of organizations and teams. Work presented in this symposium will also address how motivational and emotional factors interact with learning and performance processes to impact the probability of skill success versus skill failure and the likelihood of cooperation versus competition.”
The specific IO/OB scholars who will be giving addresses are:
Amy Edmonson, Michael Frese, and Dan Ilgen
  • On Saturday of the APS conference, we have 5 hours of conference time. The specific invited addresses and symposia include (all are confirmed):
Invited addresses by: Richard Arvey (Behavioral genetics and IO), Jeff Edwards (person-environment fit), Mikki Hebl (Stigma in organizations) and Ann Marie Ryan (Fairness and selection).
Invited symposia by: Theresa Glomb (Aggression in the workplace) and Paul Hanges (Dynamical modeling of organizational processes)
My goals in the upcoming months are to advertise in the fall about APS and the exciting program we have (and to have a call for papers) and to continue coordinating with APS on the publicity of our speakers.