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Progress Report on Goals – Awards Committee (Wendy Boswell, Chair)

  1. Goal with brief description: Increase the number of nominations submitted for the “Distinguished” awards
    • Increase “advertisement” of awards and nomination process via email and other sources (e.g., listserves, during conference, on website, TIP)
    • Ensure website is accurate and up-to-date
  • This is an action item for this coming year as advertising was pretty much complete when the goal was developed
  • Website is updated
  1. Goal: Enhance the diversity of members of the Award Committee 
  • Purposefully invite scholars from diverse sources and backgrounds to serve on the committee as award chairs or members such as:
    • Non-U.S.
    • teaching universities
    • practitioners
    • volunteer forms
    • I- psychologists in non-psych and non-business schools
  • Encourage individual award committee chairs to do the same
  • Analyze each award committee to monitor “diversity”
  • The current committees are fairly diverse (e.g., 6 international members, 9 individuals working in industry)
  • The committees will be more fully analyzed in the spring and prior to forming the next committees 
  1. Goal: Evaluate the Raymond A. Katzell Media Award in I-O Psychology 
  • Allow one more attempt to award a winner (2008). If unsuccessful:
    • Re-evaluate the criteria and expectations for the award
    • Consider changing criteria and/or procedure for the award


  • The committee for this award has been formed and there will be an “attempt” to award a winner this year (2008). 
Updates or Comments From Chair:
The “first round” award evaluation process is complete. The process went smoothly with committee members completing their evaluations and sub-committee chairs submitting reports on time (generally). The recommendation report was sent in August 16. Upon the decision of the Executive Committee, award winners and non-winners will be notified.
The call for nominations for the “second round” awards (e.g., grants, scholarships) has been prepared and is forthcoming in the October 2007 issue of Tip.
Committees for the second round awards will be assembled in November 2007.