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Education and Training Committee Goals and Progress Report Form 


Committee Chair Name: Eric Heggestad

Date: August 20, 2007
o Goals Report
X Progress Report
Committee Members:
Adler, Seymour
Amel, Elise
Attenwelier, Bill
Bauer, Adrienne
Beier, Margaret
Byrne, Zinta
Crandell, Stu
Dickson, Marcus
Everton, Wendi
Fink, Alexis
Frese, Michael
Gillespie, Jennifer
Goldstein, Harold
Guzzo, Rick
Hakel, Milton
James, Keith
Koppes, Laura
Kuncel, Nathan
Mearns, Katherine
Peiro, Jose
Phillips, Geneva
Reilly, Nora
Roch, Sylvia
Sachau, Dan
Strategic Planning Goals:
1.      Organize a program directors meeting at the 2008 SIOP conference
Actions to date: 
      A brief description of this proposed session was passed on to Donald Truxillo who will present the idea for the session to the executive committee.
2.      Deliver an evaluation and recommendation concerning group study abroad opportunities for SIOP to coordinate among U.S. graduate programs.
Actions to date: 
√  The committee has been formed and they are holding regular meetings to discuss issues and ideas. They feel that they are making good headway.
3.      Maintain and increase the SIOP Teaching Wiki website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects).
Actions to date: 
√      Content has been maintained, but the goal of increasing it hasn’t been met as of yet. Mike Horvath is staying on as temporary chair as we look for new people to add to this committee. We hope to have people added soon as it will take some time to get up to speed on the operation of the Wiki. Mike changed jobs this summer and hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to plug the site in hopes of increasing the amount of content.
4.      Promote the SIOP Teaching Wiki website to potential users
Actions to date: 
√ See above. We hope to move on this goal in the coming months.
5.      Assess the current state of education and training in consulting and business skills in US I-O master's and Ph.D. training programs, and to compare this with employers' perceptions of the preparedness of new I/O Ph.D.s in terms of the basic business and consulting skills.
Actions to date: 
√ The committee has been formed and is in the process of developing a survey and exploring how best to conduct the survey.
6.      (a) Continue to build awareness of the I-O Ambassador’s program both within the I-O community and across academic psychology departments as a whole.  (b) Have the first actual ambassador visits to academic departments during the fall, 2007 semester.
√ SIOP AO is preparing to distribute informational email. We are looking for a new chair for this subcommittee as Todd Harris’ term is up. He is staying on while we search for someone new.
7.      Expand the Master's Consortium from four sessions to six sessions.
Actions to Date: 
√ Dan Sachau and his team are hard at work planning the next consortium. A chair-in-training has been identified.