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Fellowship Committee Report

August 11, 2007
George P. Hollenbeck, Fellowship Committee Chair
Subject: Progress and Problems
1. We are delighted to report that the Online Fellowship Nomination Tool is online on the SIOP Website, and the website has been modified to reflect the new process. We have not yet received a nomination, but we have every reason to believe that the Tool works. 
The Online Nomination Tool should make everyone’s life easier. Many thanks to everyone in the SIOP office for helping, specifically to our programmer Ahmad Awad. He hung in there in the face of a demanding customer!
2. An all-points email will go out on August 20 from the SIOP Office asking for 2007-08 Fellow Nominations and pointing them to the new tool and new procedures. You may want to take that reminder to sign on and see the new Tool!! And, please encourage others to submit nominations.
4. Potential Problem: Last year we had a record number of nominations...let’s not backslide! Who knows what to expect, and another record isn’t our goal, but it would be nice not to drop too low!!! We still have a fewer percentage of Fellows than we did in 1982!!!
3. Future steps:
-revision of Administrative manual to reflect new procedures.
-revision of the Committee Chair Duties & Responsibilities that Leaetta Hough had prepared in 2004.
-conduct nomination/election process in timely manner and report to EC at Winter Meeting.