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History Committee Report

September 2007
Chair, Scott Highhouse

Here is the progress toward my goals for the history committee:

Scan the oldest TIPs into a scannable electronic database
I met with Dave and Lori at the SIOP headquarters on July 18, and the process of scanning old TIPs has begun. It appeared that one issue may be missing from their inventory, so I sent a message to SIOP fellows asking for their assistance in locating it. I heard from many who thought they had complete collections, and they could not locate this issue. Also, I heard from the Akron Archives that they also could not locate it. I have come to the conclusion that this issue may not have ever existed. Perhaps the Executive Committee could advise on next steps?

Examine historical trends in graduate training programs in I-O (e.g., number of I-O programs, location, duration , etc).
I have not had a chance to communicate with my committee about this one. I plan to follow up.

Continue with the Oral History Project, by identifying potential interviewees and arranging interviews.
See above.

In addition to the above goals, Mike Zickar and I are alternating contributions to the *History Corner* column in TIP. My article on the history of the I-O label appeared in the most recent issue, and Mike Zickar has a column to appear in the next one.

Let me know if there is additional information that you need prior to the September Executive Committee meeting.