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Update on SIOP Journal

Paul Sackett, Editor
At the SIOP conference in April, we signed a contract with Wiley-Blackwell to publish the new journal. Activities since then are summarized below:
1. With EC input, we settled on a name for the journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”.
2. We’ve been through several rounds of possible cover designs with Wiley-Blackwell’s staff, and that process continues.
3. Dave Nershi, new SIOP staffer Kristen Ross, and I will visit Wiley-Blackwell facilities in Boston in October to hammer out production details.
4. The first two articles for the journal (Bill Macey and Ben Schneider on employee engagement and Chuck Lance on assessment centers) were posted on the members-only area of the SIOP web site on July 1, and an email went to all members inviting commentaries on those articles.
By the Sept. 1 deadline, we received 17 commentary submissions on Macey/Schneider and 13 on Lance. These numbers exceeded my expectations. Review panels are currently evaluating the commentaries. By Oct. 1 we expect decisions about which commentaries to publish; revisions to accepted commentaries are due Nov.1, and responses to the commentaries from the original authors are due Dec. 1. At that point a complete package can be delivered to Wiley-Blackwell for early 2008 publication of issue 1.
Several observations about the commentaries:
a) While I await reviewer input, my own take is that many are of high quality, and that widely differing viewpoints are reflected.
b) Commentaries reflect academic, practice, and international perspectives. More practice perspectives would be useful (right now it’s about a 75%- 25% split). Of course, with an open invitation to submit, one can’t control what is received.  I did send emails to individuals working on the topics of the articles, encouraging submission.
c) I suggested a 10 page limit on commentaries. Naively, I expected that there would be a range of lengths, from very short up to the suggested limit. In fact, about 90% used the 10 pages. So there is likely to be a lot of useful material, even after the brutal editing that I envision. Options include publishing a large number of commentaries, or printing a small number with others on the SIOP website as an on-line supplement. 
5. A variety of articles are in development for future issues. The next two to be posted to the web site for commentary will be a paper from Leaetta Hough evaluating the state of knowledge about the use of personality measures in I-O, and a paper on international perspectives on fair employment practices for which I have thus far solicited and obtained input from I-O psychologists from 21 countries.
In sum, overall I’m delighted at the response to the first posted articles and remain convinced that we have a novel and useful format here.