2008 APA Program Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Chris Robert
Date: June 8, 2007

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     Progress Report

Committee Members:

The following list includes confirmed members only—we have yet to hear back from 3-4 people, but we have 20 confirmed members, which will be sufficient if nobody else accepts our invitation to serve.

Bell, Suzanne
Bott, Jennifer
Britt, Tom
Cunningham, Chris
Dalal, Reeshad
Dougherty, Thomas
Etchegaray, Jason
Jex, Steve
Konczak, Lee
Krauss, Autumn
LeBreton, James
Magley, Vicky
Mead, Alan
Moberg, Philip
Olson, Ryan
Robert, Chris (Chair)
Scott, John
Sinclair, Robert (Incoming Chair)
Thomas, Jeff
Wang, MO

Strategic Planning Goals:

Our committee goals are most relevant to the SIOP strategic goal of being a “Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology” and to the SIOP Vision of being “recognized as the premier professional group committed to advancing the science and practice of the psychology of work.”

1. Encourage Division 14 members’ submissions to and attendance at the 2007 APA conference. 

Action:  Advertise submission deadlines through TIP and other communication vehicles as appropriate. In addition, we are continuing the practice of coordinating SIOP submissions with APA submissions by asking SIOP submitters if they would be willing to consider presenting their work at APA if there is not room on the SIOP program.

2. Assemble experienced review committee.

Action: Contact all 2007 APA Program members to determine final roster of committee members.  Supplement with new reviewers, with attention paid to including SIOP members who indicated interest in participating in their committee volunteer form, and with an eye toward including a mix of academics and practitioners.

3. Encourage local I-O involvement in the APA conference. 

Action: Actively solicit submissions from local I-O psychologists via local I-O groups and advertising mechanisms.  Request assistance from local SIOP members to help with arrangements for SIOP reception at APA.  Identify distinguished local SIOP members as potential keynote speakers, and invite to present.

4. Actively seek out APA symposia that would be of mutual interest to Division 14 members and members from other divisions to increase Division 14 exposure. Lead and support cross-cutting initiatives that involve multiple divisions for APA programming.

Action: Work cooperatively with current SIOP program chair (Steven Rogelberg) to identify quality proposals that are not accepted for the SIOP conference. When appropriate, initiate and/or approve co-sponsorship of APA symposia. 

5. Develop a session that will attempt to attract APA attendees who are not SIOP members for the purpose of exposing attendees to the science, practice, and/or teaching of I-O psychology.  Possible topics might include a) integrating I-O psychology into the curriculum of introductory psychology courses, and/or b) an expert panel describing the application of psychology to applied problems in the workplace.

Action:  Work cooperatively with the chair of the Education and Training Committee (Eric Heggestad) to develop a program that might attract non SIOP attendees and “get the word out” about I-O. Solicit the participation of local I-O psychologists and/or APA council representatives who will be attending the conference.

Updates or Comments From Chair:

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