2007-2008 Fellowship Committee Goals

Chair:  George P Hollenbeck


1. 2007 was a banner year for Fellowship.  24 new Fellows.  We have no idea why, but...lets take credit. The committee worked very hard (too hard) and hopefully we wil lhave another banner year...who knows. Retiring from the Committee were esteemed members David Campbell and Gary Johns...we will miss them dearly, but thats the way it is..3 years and out!!!. 

2. We have expanded the Fellowship Committee to guard against the possibility that we just might again have a large number of nominations, as well as to add a broader range of experience and background. The new Committee make-up is truly stunning. YOu will be proud to be a member.  Here is it is:

3rd Year Members
Michael Campion
Michael Frese
Lise Saari
George Hollenbeck (Chair)
Howard Weiss

2nd Year Members
Marilyn Gowing
Richard Jeanneret

1st Year Members
Seymour Adler
Steve Ashworth
Elizabeth Kolmstetter
Ed Levine
Rodney Lowman
John Meyer
Belle Rose Ragins
Vicki Vandaveer

If you count these, you will get 15!!! Yes, 15!! Enough to have two good subcommittees if we are swamped. I have tried to balance the Committee by Academic (Psych Dept/Bus School) and Non-Academic (Government, Consulting, and Company), Geography (we cover Europe, Canada, from California to the NY Island and Florida and Texas and Illinois and Washington, Gender (we almost match the gender mix in SIOP...Committee is 33% Women, SIOP is 30%).  Our academic/non academic also pretty matches membership (SIOP is 59% Non-Academics, our Committee is 8/15ths.).

With all that, when the Committee evaluates, we put aside biases and background. But, one of our goals is not only to be apolitical but to appear that way also!

4. I will use your address, email, etc. information as it appears in the SIOP Directory unless you tell me otherwise.

5. The new ONLINE nomination process is going well, and we will start beta testing tomorrow. Our "up and running date" is July 1!!! Evrything will be online. As soon as it is up, will let you know and we will try it out!!!

6. The Committee goal for this past year was to get a broader, more diverse set of Fellows. We succeeded in spades. I have heard nothing but kudos!!  But we failed in one area....non-academics. The ratio of Academic to Non-Academics for the new Fellows was about the same as for our total group of Fellows (81% Academic).  One of  every 4 Fellow eligible Academics is a Fellow; 1 of every 20 eligible Non-Academics is a Fellow.  There are only 2 Fellows in Government!!!!

7.  In 2006 we worked on broadening our criteria from the traditional publication list so that we could recognize outstanding contributions in all areas.  This year we hope to have outstanding nominees to apply those new criteria to.

8. Please read over the new SIOP Fellow Material on the SIOP Website. This is especially important for the NEW MEMBERS.  Hopefully, that material makes very transparent what it takes to be a Fellow. My goal is that we manage the nomination process so that every nominee is outstanding so that we have a 0 rejection rate!!!!

9. Future events:

    July TIP...announcement of New Fellows and call for Nominations.
    July 1...Online Nomination Process opens on SIOP Website.
    August....All Member email asking for Fellow nominations
    November 1. Closing date for Nominations.
    November 1-30. Evaluation of Nominations by Committee
    December 31. Send recommendations to SIOP Executive Committee

It is going to be a fun year!!!! Look forward to working with you all.

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