2007-2008 Committee on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender-Related Issues

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Committee Co-Chairs:           Mikki Hebl, Rice University -
Eden King, George Mason University,
Additional Members:
John Cornwell,
Lyne Desormeaux,
Belle Rose Ragins,  
In April 2003 the Executive Committee of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) established an ad hoc committee on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) research and membership issues. The purpose of establishing this committee was to begin to encourage research on LGBT issues and promote LGBT voice within SIOP.
The LGBT committee has a Working Mission Statement, which is:
To increase favorable attitudes and awareness of LGBT issues within SIOP, to encourage research on LGBT issues, and to promote LGBT voice and support.
The LGBT committee has Nine Goals for 2007-2008. They are:
1.  Continue to update SIOP members about LGBT-related happenings via TIP articles.  We hope to continue informing the SIOP community about our mission and the accomplishment of our goals through additional TIP articles that might raise awareness of LGBT issues, encourage researchers to conduct LGBT-related research, and voice actual experiences in the workplace.
2. Utilize the LGBT Discussion Group effectively. The SIOP home page was expanded to include a LGBT discussion group (i.e., listserve) to facilitate interaction and collaboration among SIOP members who are interested in this area. Its use has been limited, but it has the potential to provide a forum for discussing research issues (e.g., sampling concerns, theoretical implications), publication-related issues (e.g., best outlet for a given manuscript), and other topics of interest (e.g., access to research participants) to those conducting LGBT-related research.
3.  Organize the LGBT meeting focusing on issues regarding SIOP and LGBT for SIOP 2008.  We will use this meeting as a forum in which to identify concerns as well as to brainstorm potential solutions. 
4. Organize a LGBT reception at the 2007 SIOP Conference. We are hopeful that the EC will continue to support a social gathering that brings together LGBT members of SIOP as well as supporters and those interested in conducting research in this area. We understand that the reception can no longer be paired with the committee meeting, but hope that the conference planning committee may be able to pair the reception with an LGB-related symposium to increase awareness and attendance.
5. Continue fundraising for Emerging Issues Award on LGBT Issues. We were delighted that the first SIOP award on LGBT issues was distributed this year. To ensure the continuation of the award, we will pursue multiple fundraising efforts in collaboration with the SIOP Foundation staff over the next several years. We believe that this award will bring needed attention to research and practice around LGBT issues and are grateful that SIOP has provided a structure through which we can work to establish this award.
6. Advertise poster award widely.  One of the primary goals of the award is to encourage research in the area of LGBT workplace issues. To facilitate this, we will advertise the opportunity widely this summer.
7. Create a system for LGBT individuals and their allies to be identified and connected at the SIOP conference. Because an LGBT identity is not necessarily visible, it can be difficult for LGBT individuals and their allies to connect throughout the conference. The reception and committee meeting support this connection, but members have expressed a desire to create additional systems for connecting. One model for this is efforts made by international members of SIOP. These individuals have a designated meeting table where individuals can interact in person or via written messages. Another model is to provide stickers or pins that indicate LGBT or ally status. We will consider this and discuss the possibility for integrating such ideas at SIOP 2008.
8. In addition, we will continue to increase the visibility of LGBT workplace issues at the 2008 SIOP Conference via the promotion of more research sessions. Members of the committee are already working in a focused effort to submit LGBT-related papers and symposia to the SIOP 2008 conference. The annual meeting, reception, and newly established award are also intended to increase the visibility of LGBT workplace issues.
9. Finally, we would like to consider the possibility of creating an internal SIOP LGBT subject pool.  One of the primary challenges in conducting LGBT-related research is access to (often unidentified) LGBT workers. One strategy that might be used to overcome this challenge is to create a subject pool through which participants can be recruited. We will continue to consider this possibility in the upcoming year.
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