Scientific Affairs Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Steve W. J. Kozlowski, Chair
4 June 2007
Goals Report
(1) Science Forum. This is an ongoing activity carrying over from the prior Chair of the Committee. At the meeting conducted post-conference, the EC voted a budget to support a “Science Forum” that would be conducted with the organizational assistance of the Federation.  The first goal will be to execute a Science Forum.
Time Frame: Initial planning is underway (thought not set), but my general expectation at this point is that the Science Forum will be conducted before the end of 2007.
Action Steps: Select a topic (two topics were proposed); appoint a liaison from Scientific Affairs; identify scientific speakers, Federal funding panelists, and participants; conduct the forum; gauge impact.
Expected Results: Greater awareness among Federal funding agencies for the expertise of SIOP members regarding the targeted topic of the Science Forum. Possible research initiatives arising from the Forum. Possible research funding opportunities (SIOP Goals 1 and 2).
(2) Scientist-Practitioner Model. Jeff McHenry has started to organize an ad hoc panel to examine the Scientist-Practitioner Model. I believe all information at this point is tentative, but the panel would be headed by Wally Borman and would consist of Jeff, Rob Silzer (Practice Affairs), Steve Kozlowski (Scientific Affairs), and possibly representation by the Chair of E & T. The goal will be to represent the scientific interests on the panel and the plan it develops.
Time Frame: TBD.
Action Steps: TBD.
Expected Results: A plan to guide data collection and analysis for the Scientist-Practitioner Model (SIOP Goal 4).
Committee Members:
Bradford S. Bell, Cornell University
Jay Goodwin, U. S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ruth Kanfer, Georgia Tech
Seth Kaplan, George Mason University
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