Program Committee Goals and Progress Report Form 

Committee Chair Name: Steven Rogelberg

X Goals Report
o Progress Report
Committee Members:
Tammy Allen
James LeBreton
Anita Blanchard
Michael Hargis
Anthony Adorno
Chad Van Iddekinge
John DeVille
Mark Poteet
Rachel Day
Mo Wang
Wendy Casper
John C. Scott
Daniel Sachau
Linda Shanock
Marcus Dickson
Michelle (Mikki) Hebl
Stephen Steinhaus
Sara Weiner
Lisa Penney
Jennifer Kaufman
Russell Johnson
Bennett Tepper
Scott Tonidandel
Christiane Spitzmueller
Morrie Mullins
Eric Dunleavy
Jennnifer Burnfield
Sylvia Hysong
Peter Chen
Chris Cunningham
Carrie Bulger
Leslie Hammer
John Kello
Autumn Krauss
Paul Spector

Program Goals and Progress to Date
1.  Integrate all Program Advance changes relevant for pre conference activities (e.g., call for proposals) and the actual conference experience (e.g., theme tracks, etc).
  • Call revised
  • Content areas revised
  • Reviewer documents being revised
  • Preparing EC for their new role (e.g., allocation of discretionary hours)
  • Created a TIP article discussing changes
2. Successfully implement, use, and evaluate the new software system designed for the program
  • Created a detailed spec document for the programmer
  • Following-up on progress
3. Create a meaningful and special first ever 3-day conference program for our members
  • All subcommittees have started work (Thurs Track, Friday Track, Reviewing, Friday Seminar; COI/IP/CEU; Call for proposal/Flanagan;
  • Theme tracks being designed
  • Friday seminars already outlined
  • One external speaker already committed Dr. Jac Fitz-enz
  • Staying in contact with conference chair
  • Introductory TIP article created
4. Help prepare new program chair for the job
  • Documenting all steps conducted given all the changes above. Adding to the doc that Julie and Tammy started.
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