2007-2008 Teaching Institute Committee Goals and Progress Report

Submitted by: Ron Landis, Chair
Date: July 5, 2007
Committee Members: Mike Burke, Michelle Collins, Mickey Quinones, and Steve Rogelberg
Goals: (Number each goal and provide a brief description)
  1. Run another workshop: A new session will be planned for the Atlanta area. This session will take place sometime in the Winter of 2007-2008.
  1. Refine workshop materials: Continue to develop the information (syllabi, exams, SIOP information, etc) that has been provided to workshop attendees with the goal of creating a comprehensive set of materials and workshop description that would aid in streamlining future workshops.
  1. Follow-up on ideas generated in other workshops: Some of the ideas included
  • Developing a recommended curriculum for undergraduate students who plan to apply to a graduate program to facilitate advising.
  • Developing mechanisms (e.g., NSF grants, SEPA funds) to facilitate summer research opportunities for interested undergraduates to work with I-O program faculty.
  • Enhancing funding for a speaker series that would allow schools to bring SIOP members to campus to speak with interested undergraduates about the field
4.   Plan for future of Teaching Institute: It is my understanding that this is the last year for the Teaching Institute in its current form. We need to plan for the future of the Institute and how/if the activities of the Institute will continue after this year.
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