Visibility Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair: Doug Reynolds
Date: 5/25/07
Committee Membership and Membership Changes:
Doug Reynolds, Joel Philo, Chris Rotolo, Rebecca Orbach (student member), Ben Dattner; Annette Towler (and her external awards subcommittee). Clif Boutelle and Dave Nershi from the SIOP office also attend meetings as they can.   
Additionally, a team of “Visibility and Impact Champions” has been added to assist with visibility efforts. (Hough, Colella, J. Brannick, Sarri, Latham)
Visibility Committee Goals (2007-08):
1.      Objective: gain visibility with targeted audiences (placing a differential focus on psychology at large, human resources professionals and business leaders)
Goal: Work with the AO to generate press releases, web content, etc. to push key messages to target audiences.
Goal: Complete a brochure for possible entrants to the field
2.      Objectives: get I-O stories into the media: Develop relationships with targeted media channels (e.g., APA Monitor, Fast Company magazine)
Goal: Hold a pre-conference luncheon for the press
3.      Objective: Define tools and processes to institutionalize visibility efforts
Goal: Develop and maintain a repeatable committee process that focuses on target audiences, appropriate media channels, and key messages.
Goal: Hire a PR/Marketing firm to help.
Goal: Finalize and monitor visibility metrics
4.      Objective: Coordinate & collaborate with other SIOP committees on visibility-related issues
Goal: Create Visibility user group on a private access website.
Each of these committee goals relates to the first SIOP Strategic Priority, i.e., SIOP will become the…
1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology.
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