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2006 Member Survey Results

Every two years, SIOP surveys its members to understand opinions of and issues facing Industrial and Organizational Psychologists.  Results from this survey are used to guide planning and strategy set by SIOP Committee Chairs and the Executive Committee. 

In January, Questar sent e-mail invitations to 5,701 individuals.  Questar conducted the survey via the Internet from January 30th through February 17th.  During this time period, 1,881 people completed the survey (33% response rate).  More information about who completed the survey is contained in the reports listed below.

The following reports provide information about how the SIOP Membership responded to the 2006 Member Survey.  There are six reports, including an Overall Report and five additional reports with the results categorized by Employment Setting, Licensure Status, Membership Status, Years Since Doctoralship, and Whether or Not Someone Replied to Survey in 2004.  

Employment Setting

Licensed versus Not Licensed

Membership Status

Years Since Doctoralship

Replied to SIOP Survey in 2004

Overall Report