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February 2009

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Annual Conference: Early Registration Ends Feb. 15!
Mark your calendar for this year’s SIOP Annual Conference in New Orleans, and take advantage of the benefits of early registration before it’s too late!
Early registration ends Sunday, February 15, 2009
Registering early saves you money. Early registrants pay the following reduced registration fees:
Early Registration
(deadline Sunday, February 15, 2009)
(after Sunday, February 15, 2009)
SIOP Member
SIOP Student Affiliate
Only those registered by the early registration deadline will receive a program in the mail (Remember to bring your program with you when you go to the conference!).  Those registering after the early registration deadline will have to wait to pick up a program at the conference.
Early registration also helps ensure that you will get into your first choice of workshops and other popular conference activities. Register today!

Make a Big Impact in the "Big Easy"
This year, SIOP Annual Conference attendees will have the opportunity to give something back to New Orleans. In conjunction with the Saturday Theme Track on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Saturday Theme Track Committee has coordinated one on-site and one off-site community outreach activity at this year’s conference.
The following volunteer and community outreach activities are planned:

1) School Library Makeover sponsored by Target – A local elementary school in New Orleans will receive a library makeover, built by SIOP members and sponsored by the Target Corporation. SIOP members can volunteer through the online conference registration process. The project will take place on the Sunday after the conference (morning to early afternoon).  A registration fee of $20 will be donated to the Make It Right Project in New Orleans. This activity is open now for registration.
2)  The House That SIOP Built – Collections of cash donations will be sent to the Make It Right Project in New Orleans to sponsor the construction of a house. Donations will be collected during the conference or can be made anytime at Please click “The House That SIOP Built” under the “Team Sponsored Home Options” menu to be sure your donation goes to SIOP’s house.
Leave an impact on New Orleans long after the conference is over by donating or volunteering today!

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Honoring SIOP Member Robert Guion
The Foundation for the Advancement of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) is an educational nonprofit organization established to promote and enhance understanding of the behavioral, psychological, and brain sciences, with goals to enhance the public's understanding of scientific research and contributions of the behavioral and brain sciences.
Recently, the FABBS Web site added SIOP Fellow Robert M. Guion, Bowling Green State University, to its distinguished list of scientific honorees. You can see the specific tribute to Guion here, where donations to FABB are being accepted in his name.

Included on the page is also a list of individuals who have donated. You can make your donation to Dr. Guion's "In Honor Of..." campaign at anytime by visiting his tribute page and scrolling down to the donation section.

Become a Student Intern at the UN  

The American Psychological Association (APA) is seeking applications for three student interns to assist with APA’s work as an NGO at the United Nations.

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2009

These are volunteer positions for psychology students who have an interest in international issues. The interns will work with the members and associate members of APA’s United Nations team to help plan and implement activities such as the annual Psychology Day, the annual International Day of Older Persons, and other psychology-related events. Interns will have UN–NGO badges for entry into UN buildings and events, and will have an opportunity for a close-up look at the workings of the UN.

For more information on the internships, application requirements, and to download an application, visit the UN page of the APA’s Web site. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Florence Denmark at

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Got Metrics? Send SIOP Your Research Statistics

The SIOP communications staff frequently receives requests from reporters and educators for statistics, surveys and other metrics on a variety of topics in the I-O field.

SIOP provides some of this information on the SIOP Web site, through FYI on Workplace Topics, membership surveys, and various other sources of information. But we are always looking for more valuable statistics on the I-O profession as well as specific topics in industrial-organizational psychology. One particularly “hot” area for reporters is personality testing. This can include, but is not limited to, how many/what percentage of employers use personality testing, what tests employers use and why, and the accuracy of testing.

Other areas where metrics are needed include but are not limited to:

• Number/percentage of I-O trained people working in company HR departments
• Any numbers related to stress in the workplace; how prevalent is it?
• Changes in organizational leadership. Given the turbulent times in our economy, is there any research as to the numbers of organizations facing leadership changes?
• Employee turnover. Any numbers on organizations’ expected turnover rates and at what level is turnover more likely to occur.
• Number of organizations which have personnel devoted to the on-boarding of new executives, either joining the organization or moving to a new role within the organization.
• Any figures about performance appraisals; different methods used, employee reaction, managers’ opinions of appraisals, etc.

We are looking for hard numbers and facts that can be disseminated to inquiring media or used as a basis for stories. As always, metrics, statistics, and research can be submitted to Tips and Trends on the SIOP Web site or sent to communications specialist Stephany Schings at

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