Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007 

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•  Time to Vote for SIOP Officers

•  Received Federal Funding? – Let SIOP Know

•  New SIOP Journal – Accepting Commentaries Now

•  SIOP Responds to APA Model Licensure Act

•  SIOP Participates in the Development of New International Test Standards

Time to Vote for SIOP Officers

The 2008 SIOP ballot is now open.  It is time to cast your vote for the next SIOP president-elect, secretary, and member-at-large.

Officer nominees include:  

•  President-elect:  Kurt Kraiger, Jim Outtz, and Vicki Vandaveer
•  Secretary:  Tammy Allen and Cristina Banks
•  Member-at-large:  Suzanne Tsacoumis and Mark Wilson

Bios for each candidate can be found online by clicking here.  The president-elect candidates’ goal statements can also be found at this site.

All the nominees are exceptional.  Nonetheless, they have different perspectives.  Your vote is important because our officers shape SIOP’s future.

Go to the SIOP ballot Web page, and vote today!  You will need your user name and password.  Forgotten them?  No problem.  On the voting site you can request that your username and password be sent to you. 

Voting ends January 31, 2008, at 12 a.m. EST.

If you have questions, contact the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032.

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Received Federal Funding? – Let SIOP Know    

One of SIOP’s strategic goals is to advocate and champion I–O psychology to policy makers.  Moving forward with this goal, there have been several requests from agencies, the Federation, and APA inquiring names of individuals who might be interested in serving on review panels or people who could comment on funding agencies’ strategic plans.

To respond to these requests, SIOP needs to know which members currently have or have previously received grants from one of the federal agencies, such as NSF, NIH, NIDA, NIOSH, NIA, DOD, or ARI. 

SIOP is considering adding this to the member survey, which comes out once a year. However, in the interim, it would be helpful to know this information now.

SIOP President Lois Tetrick is asking members to provide information regarding federal funding received.  To do so, please click here

It will only take a few minutes to submit information.  Tetrick is very thankful for your help in compiling this information in anticipation of the next request she receives.

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New SIOP Journal – Accepting Commentaries Now   

SIOP’s new journal, Industrial and Organizational Psychology:  Perspectives on Science and Practice, is set to debut in 2008.  To help make this journal a success, your input is needed.

Commentaries are currently being accepted for the second edition.  SIOP members are encouraged to review the focal articles, which are posted online, and submit responses via e-mail to editor Paul Sackett.

The submission deadline for commentaries is Saturday, Dec. 15. 

The first article, by Kevin Murphy, is entitled “Explaining the Weak Relationship Between Job Performance and Ratings of Job Performance.”  To view the abstract, click here.

The second article features authors from 22 different countries and is entitled “International Perspectives on the Legal Environment for Selection.”  To view this abstract, click here.

Please review the commentary guidelines prior to submitting a response.  If you have additional questions, contact Sackett via e-mail or phone at 612-624-9842.

About the Journal: 
Industrial and Organizational Psychology:  Perspectives on Science and Practice is an official publication of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  With a focal article–peer commentary–response format, the journal focuses on interactive exchanges on topics of importance to science and practice in the I–O field.  SIOP members will receive this publication as a part of membership, and nonmembers will be able to subscribe to the journal for a fee.

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SIOP Responds to APA Model Licensure Act   

Several weeks ago there was a call for comments on the APA proposed revision to the Model Licensure Act.  State Affairs Chair Judy Blanton chaired SIOP’s efforts to coordinate comments with the advice and assistance of SIOP’s APA Council Representatives:  Janet Barnes-Farrell, Jose Cortina, Bob Dipboye, Deirdre Knapp, and Eduardo Salas.

SIOP’s response to the APA taskforce can be found on the SIOP Web site by clicking here.

The APA taskforce is currently considering all of the comments and concerns that were received from various quarters.  You will be informed as new developments arise.

Thank you for your comments, and please feel free to contact Blanton or SIOP President Lois Tetrick with additional comments.

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SIOP to Participate in the Development of New International Test Standards   

The International Organization for Standardization has begun the process of developing international standards for the use of tests in organizations (ISO/PC 230, “Psychological Assessment”). The focus of these standards will be on test use, rather than on technical psychometric issues.

The development of the standards, which began earlier this year, includes representatives from over a dozen countries. The U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which is chaired by G. Harris, includes organizations such as APA, ATP, and AERA. 

Due to the importance of organizational testing issues to its members, SIOP has recently agreed to participate in the U.S. TAG.  Donald Truxillo served as SIOP’s temporary delegate at a recent meeting in Vienna, and Nancy Tippins will be SIOP’s permanent TAG delegate.  In 2008, to be held in Madrid and Washington, DC, there will be two meetings regarding the test standards. 

More information on the standards will be provided as it becomes available. Please expect requests for your input in the coming months, and feel free to contact Tippins with any thoughts.

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