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Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007

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SIOP Administrative Office Moves Next Week!

Although still located in Bowling Green, OH, the SIOP Administrative Office will be moving to a new facility on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Previously located at 520 Ordway Ave., the new address is:

440 East Poe Road
Suite 101
Bowling Green, OH  43402

This is a positive move for the SIOP staff, and they are excited about their new office! 

“The move was necessitated by the growth of our organization,” said Dave Nershi, SIOP Executive Director. “Our new location gives us a professional setting and options for future growth. This will help us in our role of assisting SIOP members and volunteer leaders.”

In addition to having an economical lease, benefits of the new facility include an attractive reception area, spacious meeting room, ample storage, kitchenette, convenient parking, and pleasant outdoor surroundings with trees and grass. 

Plus, the floor plan offers a very functional workspace. The placement of each employee’s office has been chosen according to job responsibilities, creating an atmosphere in which the staff can work more efficiently. For instance, the new facility features an area dedicated to the IT department.

The SIOP staff has been working hard to devise a seamless moving plan; therefore, there will be minimal time in which the office will be “out of commission.” With this being said, rest assured the phone lines and Web site will remain in operation throughout the moving process.  

At the end of November SIOP will host an open house at its new office. For more information about this event, please contact the SIOP administrative office at (419) 353-0032.

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Katzell Media Award – Call for Nominations 

The Raymond A. Katzell Media Award in I–O Psychology is designed to recognize evidenced-based news, feature stories, and editorials in any medium that advance both the science and practice of I-O psychology. Those eligible for the award include science or business writers, reporters, television writers, directors, producers, and any other member of the media. 

This is a new award, and awareness needs to be raised! Therefore, all SIOP members are encouraged to submit nominations!  
By nominating a deserving recipient, you will help the media community, as well as the general public, learn about the Katzell Media Award, which will help establish it as a known, prestigious honor. 
To submit a nomination, please visit SIOP’s Awards Online 
Web page.

Nominations must include a copy of the publication and the name of the nominee. The Katzell Media Award Committee will review all nominations received by the deadline of Feb. 1, 2008. Then, one member of the media will be chosen as the 2008 recipient. Selection criteria is based on a publication that has more than a local distribution, is well executed, and features I-O psychology research or practice with a sound scientific and technical basis.

The elected recipient will receive a cash prize of $3,000 and will be invited to attend the 2008 SIOP Annual Conference in San Francisco to receive the award and make a presentation. Up to $1,000 will be awarded for travel expenses to the annual conference.
In addition to the Katzell Media Award, SIOP encourages you to submit nominations for other awards too, including the Small Grants Program
, Graduate Student Scholarships, and t he Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Graduate Fellowship. The nomination deadline for these awards is also Feb. 1, 2008.


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SIOP Members Entitled to APA Membership Discount 


All SIOP members are eligible for a discount on their annual American Psychological Association (APA) dues. As a SIOP member, you are entitled to a 25% discount on basic APA dues, which represents a $70 savings.
If you received an APA renewal form in the mail, please refer to “line 3,” labeled "2008 Dual Membership Discounted Dues," which is explained in full on the back side of the form. To receive the discount, you should make the price adjustment on the form accordingly and submit to APA.
If you have already paid your 2008 APA dues, you can still receive this dual-membership discount. Contact APA at 1-800-374-2721 and request a refund. 
The SIOP Administrative Office has contacted APA to confirm that this discount is indeed valid for the 2008 dues year. This discount offer is a vailable because SIOP is an organization member of the Federation of Behavioral, Cognitive, and Psychological Sciences. SIOP was not listed this year as a qualifying organization because of an oversight. APA will be updating future dues statement instructions to include SIOP as a qualifying organization. 

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IOOB Conference – Graduate Students Mark Your Calendar

The 2008 Industrial Organizational and Organizational Behavior (IOOB) Graduate Student Conference is scheduled for March 14–16. Hosted by the Colorado State University Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program, the event will be held at the Denver Marriott City Center.

The theme of the conference is "Shifting the Paradigm:  Work in the 21st Century." This year’s theme reflects the changing nature of jobs and organizations, an emerging topic of interest for both researchers and practitioners.

As a sponsor of the IOOB Conference, SIOP would like to promote the event among its members, as it is a great opportunity for graduate students. The aim of the event is to shift the paradigm of the conference itself to become a gathering for both domestic and international graduate students in the field.

A list of keynote speakers and workshops is available on the IOOB Web site.

Also, paper submissions for the conference are being accepted now through January 4, 2008. See the IOOB submissions Web page for more details.

For additional information, please visit the main IOOB Conference Web page. 

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