Friday, Sept. 28, 2007 

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Welcome to SIOP Newsbriefs

Today is the first edition of SIOP’s electronic newsletter, SIOP Newsbriefs, which will be sent monthly to all SIOP members.

SIOP Newsbriefs has been created for the convenience of members. It streamlines communication by replacing a volume of e-mail messages currently coming from several sources at SIOP, including committee chairs, officers, Administrative Office staff, and others. By pulling all messages into one newsletter, important information will be delivered more efficiently.

The newsletter will include topical information, especially related to deadlines and SIOP programs, meetings, and activities. Content will be a high-level overview that will often include links to more detailed information elsewhere. SIOP Newsbriefs will not be used for advertising, personal gain, or non-SIOP-related communications.

For more information, please review the SIOP Newsbriefs guidelines, or contact SIOP communications specialist Kristen Ross.

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Leading Edge Consortium - Don't Forget to Register

Now is the time to take the lead on innovation! SIOP’s third annual Leading Edge Consortium is quickly approaching, but there is still time to register if you have not done so yet.

  • What:  SIOP Leading Edge Consortium - “Enabling Innovation in Organizations”
  • When: Oct. 26–27
  • Where: Kansas City, Missouri 

You do not want to miss this opportunity, as it will be the first ever meeting of applied psychologists, innovation specialists, and company executives focused on the topic of enabling innovation in organizations.  Some of the top leaders in research and practice will share their thoughts about innovation, examining organizational structures, leadership styles, management practices, cultures, processes, and individual characteristics that help innovation flourish.

There will be three keynote speakers:

  • Ed Lawler, director of the Center for Effective Organizations and distinguished professor of business at the University of Southern California
  • Ingar Skaug, president and group chief executive officer of the global shipping firm Wilh. Wilhelmsen and chairman of the Center for Creative Leadership's board of governors
  • David DiGiulio, a former research and development and human resources executive for Procter & Gamble 

Visit the Leading Edge Consortium page on the SIOP Web site for more information, including registration details and a full list of speakers, titles and abstracts. You can also contact the SIOP Administrative Office for more information at 419-353-0032.

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Citations and Abstracts Needed for Science Forum

Scientific Affairs Chair Steve W. J. Kozlowski would like to announce creation of the Science Forum, organized by Ruth Kanfer, who represents the Scientific Affairs Committee in conjunction with The Federation for Behavioral, Psychological, and Cognitive Sciences.

The Science Forum is designed to help increase the visibility of SIOP and its members doing research on topics of import to federal agencies. As part of the forum, a compendium of SIOP member abstracts on relevant research will be produced and distributed to all participants and attendees, along with a listing of SIOP researcher names and contact information.

The topic for the first forum is Work and Aging: Psychological-Organizational Science Contributions to the Management of an Aging and Age-Diverse Workforce, and related citations and abstracts are currently needed from SIOP members. 

If you have published research relevant to work and aging, please e-mail the citation and maximum 100-word abstract to Seth Kaplan no later than Friday, Nov. 30, 2007.

Submissions must be in Microsoft Word format. Also, please include “Science Forum” in the e-mail subject line.

The goal of the Science Forum is to better network researchers, policy makers and granting agencies. It will bring together a small group of leading researchers in the topic area, representatives of federal agencies, and policy makers for a series of presentations and discussions.

The Scientific Affairs Committee will provide more information about the forum as planning proceeds.

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Get Connected With the Federation

The Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, and Cognitive Sciences, as indicated by its name, represents the interests of scientists who conduct research in the areas of behavioral, psychological, and cognitive sciences. Referred to as the Federation, this organization focuses their efforts on legislative advocacy and education and the communication of information to scientists.

SIOP is a member organization of the Federation. Advocacy is a focus goal in SIOP's strategic plan, and it is hoped that Federation membership will enable significant progress in this area.

With this in mind, SIOP members may want to get more in tune with the Federation. One great way to connect is subscribing to their free electronic newsletter, Federation Newsletter.

Federation Newsletter includes updates on funding opportunities, information about legislation that may affect the behavioral science community, and reports on the Federation's national advocacy efforts on the behalf of the psychological and brain sciences.

To subscribe to Federation Newsletter, click here.

For more information about the Federation, click here to visit their Web site.

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