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Handbook of Workplace Assessment (*2010 AHRD AWARD WINNER*)
SubTitle Evidence-Based Practices for Selecting and Developing Organizational Talent
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John C. Scott
Douglas H. Reynolds

Copyright Year: 2010
Pages: 912
ISBN 9780470401316
Publisher: Pfeiffer
Description: Winner of the 2010 Academy of Human Resource Developmentā€™s R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Award! Given the trend for organizations to streamline their workforces and focus on acquiring and retaining only top talent, a key challenge has been how to use assessment programs to deliver a high-performing workforce that can drive revenues, shareholder value, growth, and long-term sustainability. The Handbook of Workplace Assessment directly addresses this challenge by presenting sound, evidence-based, and practical guidance for implementing assessment processes that will lead to exceptional decisions about people. The chapters in this book provide a wide range of perspectives from a world-renowned group of authors and reflect cutting-edge theory and practice. The Handbook of Workplace Assessment: -provides the framework for what should be assessed and why and shows how to ensure that assessment programs are of the highest quality -reviews best practices for assessing capabilities across a wide variety of positions -summarizes key strategic applications of assessment that include succession management, mergers, acquisitions and downsizings, identification of potential, and selection on a global scale -highlights advances, trends, and issues in the assessment field including technology-based assessment, the legal environment, alternative validation strategies, flaws in assessment, and the strategic use of evaluation to link assessment to organizational pr
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