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Foundation Spotlight:  Cast Thy Bread…

Paul W. Thayer, Trustee
SIOP Foundation

Since 2004, the SIOP Foundation has awarded 19 scholarships totaling $49,500. In addition, three students have received a total of $30,000 in Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Fellowships. The students involved have made good progress as we shall see. They have also contributed of their own time and talent to SIOP.

Of the 19 scholarship winners, 12 have served on the Conference Program Committee, and 9 of those have served for 2 years. Two have also served on the SIOP Awards Committee. I don’t know if the scholarship “bread cast on the waters” had a lot to do with this activity, but I’m grateful to these bright comers for their efforts.

Lori Anderson Snyder won a scholarship in 2004 and was part of Deb Rupp’s team that won the Douglas Bray/Ann Howard grant award for research on assessment centers in 2005. She received her PhD from Colorado State and is now an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma. Craig Wallace, another 2004 scholarship winner, also received the S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award in 2007. He received his PhD from Georgia Tech and is an assistant professor of management at Oklahoma State. Adam Grant, a 2006 scholarship winner, was nominated for the 2010 William A. Owens Award for the best journal article. His PhD is from Michigan, and he is now an associate professor at the Wharton School at Penn. Laurie Wasko, the first winner of the Joyce/Thayer Doctoral Fellowship, received her doctorate from Clemson and is now working for HumRRO in Alexandria, VA.

I can only conclude that the selection system for scholarships and fellowships is a good one, that receiving such awards is a stimulus for making contributions to the discipline, or both. In any event, I’m proud of these people and what they have done.