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Foundation Spotlight

Announcing the Goldstein and Schneider Scholarships

Milton D. Hakel
SIOP Foundation President

I am delighted to announce that two new graduate student scholarships have been endowed by Bill Macey to honor Irwin L. Goldstein and Benjamin Schneider. It is a wonderful story, one that well illustrates the kind of community that I-O psychology has become. Here’s the short version.

In 1975 Bill Macey earned his PhD in experimental psychology from Loyola University-Chicago shortly after having started teaching at North Central College. Then, as now, psychology department pay levels were comparatively modest. Like so many academics, he took on some consulting to supplement his primary income. Bill incorporated Personnel Research Associates (PRA), and he also joined SIOP. As happens so frequently in SIOP, friendships were established and spontaneous mentoring ensued.

At about that time Division 14 became incorporated as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and because SIOP took full control of its membership and treasury, the Administrative Office was opened at the University of Maryland under the direction of Irv Goldstein and Ben Schneider. In 1986 when the first SIOP Conference was held in Chicago, Irv chaired the planning committee, and Bill served as the local arrangements chair. SIOP began to grow substantially, and the workload expanded in kind. The Administrative Office needed full time staffing, and in 1990 SIOP turned to Bill and PRA. Then PRA began growing substantially, opening multiple offices, eventually becoming Valtera. SIOP had also continued growing rapidly and the Administrative Office moved to Bowling Green in 1996, allowing Bill the time and focus needed to grow a national and then global operation. For Valtera the next stage of growth occurred early 2012 when Valtera was acquired by the Corporate Executive Board, creating what is now known as CEB Valtera.

One consequence of the acquisition was the creation of the Macey Fund within the SIOP Foundation, a $100,000 endowment. The fund will yield the scholarships that Bill has named to honor Irv and Ben, in recognition of their friendship and in gratitude for their work in broadening the inclusiveness of industrial-organizational psychology. These doctoral level scholarships will go to ethnic minority students who are advanced graduate students in I-O psychology. The $3,000 Goldstein Scholarship is to be given by SIOP for the first time in 2014. The $3,000 Schneider Scholarship will be given in 2015.

Giving becomes easy when you plan for it and then do it (see http://www.siop.org/Foundation/gifts.aspx for details). Each of us has many friends in I-O psychology, and each of us has benefited from mentoring, both formal and spontaneous. Plan now to honor your friends and mentors (see the Foundation’s annual report at http://www.siop.org/foundation/AR12 for the current list of 19 honorees.)

Planning is key. Set your plans, and act on them. Bill Macey did, and you can too. The SIOP Foundation would like to be among your beneficiaries. Help to encourage excellence and innovation for the future of I-O psychology. Contribute at http://www.siop.org/foundation/donate.aspx. Your calls and questions to the SIOP Foundation are always welcome. Join us in building for the future.

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