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News From the SIOP United Nations Team SIOP Representatives to the United Nations: John C. Scott, APTMetrics Deborah E. Rupp, Purdue University Lise Saari, New York University Lori Foster Thompson, North Carolina State University Mathian Osicki, IBM Drew Mallory, Purdue University Alexander Gloss, North Carolina State University The SIOP UN Team continues its efforts to bring work-, worker-, and employment- related theory, research, and practice to help advance the goals of the United Na- tions and increase I-O psychologists’ po- tential for global impact. We remain dedi- cated to involving as many SIOP members as possible in these initiatives and will con- tinue to look for opportunities such as the United Nations Agency Project described below. In addition to that project, please note that SIOP members can participate in this year’s Psychology Day at the UN, which is focused on sustainable develop- ment and cochaired by Lori Foster Thomp- son. This event is described below along with information about registration. at the United Nations, and the Global Compact, all described below. For ongo- ing updates and opportunities, please visit our SIOP United Nations Team group page on my.SIOP. United Nations Agency Project One aspect of the SIOP UN team’s mis- sion is to form partnerships with various UN agencies to identify potential pro- jects for SIOP members aimed at apply- ing I-O knowledge to help UN agencies accomplish their strategic goals. We for- malized our first project last November and issued a call for expressions of inter- est for work on a talent management initiative being pursued by a major UN Our team members are also involved in agency. Our vision was that teams of other activities that connect the work of SIOP members with the requisite exper- the United Nations with the field of I-O tise (including academics and practitio- psychology. Examples of these efforts ners, as well as students) would be include work with the Istanbul Interna- formed to “bid” on the project. Re- tional Center for the Private Sector in sponse has been very good, as two pro- Development, the Psychology Coalition ject teams have been invited to meet 182 April 2014 Volume 51 Issue 4