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Highlights of SIOP’s Programming at the 2014 APA Convention Autumn Krauss Sentis SIOP’s APA Program Committee is ex- cited to report that Division 14’s pro- gramming for the APA Convention is finalized and fantastic! Here are some highlights as to what is in store for Divi- sion 14 members at the 2014 APA Con- vention: Two theme tracks, each with full-day programming focused on the following topics: I-O Psychology's Role in Supporting the Federal Workforce I-O Psychology's Role in Supporting a Workforce Operating in High-Risk and Extreme Environments Three invited sessions addressing the following emerging I-O topics: An Introduction to Humanitarian Work Psychology How Psychologists Can Help Create Healthy Workplaces The Emerging Field of Organizational Neuroscience Three paper sessions focused on the following core I-O topics: Healthy Workers–Healthy Organiza- tions: An Examination of Strategies to Facilitate a Healthy workforce Cognitive Processes at Work: Insight Into Organizational Decision Making and Learning Leadership Behavior: Implications The Industrial Organizational Psychologist for Performance and Creativity A symposium highlighting Options for I -O Psychology at the Undergraduate Level Two poster sessions showcasing cur- rent research and practice in Industrial Psychology and Organizational Psy- chology Two social hours, one jointly held with PTCMW, the DC-based I-O profes- sional association, and the other jointly held with Division 5 of the APA (Evaluation, Measurement, and Statis- tics) We hope you find that this program is of interest to you and that you think ideas learned at the conference could prove useful to your work. We have tried to highlight I-O research and practice con- tributions within our key areas of exper- tise along with contributions that I-Os are making to topics that bridge the gap to other APA divisions. We also colisted over 40 sessions being put on by other APA Divisions that will be of particular interest and relevance to Division 14 members. As a reminder, the APA Convention is from August 7 to 10 in Washington, DC. Further details about the Convention can be found here: 187