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Notes From APA Council of Representative Meeting Deborah Whetzel Human Resources Research Organization Rodney Lowman, John Scott, Lori Foster thority for specific duties to the Board of Thompson, and Deb Whetzel attended Directors in a trial (3-year) basis. Dele- the 2 ½ day session of the APA Council gated fiduciary responsibilities include: of Representatives meeting in Washing- ton DC on February 21–23, 2014. Similar Financial/budget matters to the meeting in Hawaii, a number of Hiring, evaluation and support for significant actions were taken. the chief executive officer Assuring alignment of the budget One of the biggest changes was the with the APA strategic plan “mega-issue” discussion of a topic of Internally focused policy development interest to the profession of psychology. The purpose of these discussions was to Council voted YES (7b; motion 1) to recon- permit Council to influence APA policy figure the Board of Directors to include : as it unfolds. At small tables, we dis- cussed the impact of the Affordable The president, president-elect and Care Act on psychology and psycholo- past president, elected by and from gists. Although this may not seem par- the general membership ticularly relevant to I-O psychology, to The recording secretary and treas- the extent that we were able to view urer, elected by the Council hospitals as organizations and doctors The chair and chair-elect from the and nurses and other health care profes- Council Leadership Team, elected by sionals as employees, there was a lot the Council that we could bring to the table. For ex- Six members-at-large elected by and ample, hospitals and accountable care from the general membership, organizations need to be able to docu- The APAGS past chair (elected di- ment their performance in a variety of rectly by and from the APAGS mem- ways (e.g., performance appraisal and bership) other measurement methods), and this One public member appointed by is one thing, among many others, to the Board which our profession can contribute. The chief executive officer (ex offi- cio, nonvoting) Regarding the restructuring of Council, Council voted YES to (7a) delegate au- The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 189