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November 1975; Vol. 13, No. 1

Table of Contents

Porter Installed, Thayer Elected

Program Post Hoc

President's Message

Who Gets the Tests?

Dissertation Award

TIP Goes Quarterly

SEIOPA Call for Papers

Bluestone Speech

New Members and Fellows

EEO Echoes at APA

Quoted Without Comment

Notes and News

Convention Feedback and Call for Papers

Convention 75

Long Range Planning Activities

Reaching the Public

Professional Affairs Seeks Info

Report from APA Council

Fellowship Nomination Call

E & T Sets Goals

Membership Sets Objectives

Cattell Competition

Wallace Dissertation

Public Policy Committee

Special Feature: 1975 Workshops

METRO Sets Program for Year

Care and Feeding of I-O Grad Students

Content Validity II

Executive Committee and Committee Chairs

Guide to Title VII Legal Language

Developing Human Engineering Awareness


Supreme Court and Pregnancy

Positions Openings