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February 1988,  Vol. 25 No. 2


Third Annual SIOP Conference

SIOP Conference Program Committee Report
by James A. Breaugh

Views of Job Satisfaction
by C. J. Cranny

APA & Civil Rights Bar Opposed by Justice, EEOC, ASPA, IPMA & EEAC Before Supreme Court in Clara Watson vs. Fort Worth Bank & Trust
by James C. Sharf

lnterprofessional Relations and External Affairs: A Legal Perspective
by Robert H. Woody

A Consultant's View of Being a Consultant. Part III: The National Consulting Firm
by Daniel E. Lupton

Coverage of I/O Psychology in Introductory Textbooks
by Janet J.Turnage

Results of SIOP Practitioner Services Survey
by Hannah Hirsh

On Self-Seriousness as an Over-Rated Virtue
by Daniel C. Feldman

Graduate Information Exchange
by Paula Singleton

A Revisionist Look at Power and OD
by Larry E. Greiner and Virginia E. Schein


President's Message
by Daniel R. llgen

by James L. Farr



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