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Secretarys Report

Georgia T. Chao

The winter meeting of the Executive Committee was held on January 1011, 2004 in Detroit, Michigan. Highlights of decisions and topics of discussion at that meeting are presented below.

President Mike Burke reported that the first Institute for the Teaching of I-O Psychology faculty-teaching workshop was conducted at Tulane University in November. The workshop was very well received and plans are underway for conducting a follow-up workshop in Atlanta in spring 2004, directed by Kecia Thomas. There was strong interest on behalf of students in the workshops as well. Students were very interested in help applying to graduate schools. 

Financial Officer Dianna Stone summarized SIOP finances. Highlights include: some activities (ex. JobNet, sponsorships for the conference) are doing well, investments (Vanguard) are improving, PubHub Online is about to debut, and book sales go up every time we e-mail the membership on new books. Dianna Stone also presented a financial restructuring plan. The plan proposes to better match financial management with our mission, with a reorganization of committee clusters, and to establish financial targets. 

Discussions were held on several topics: (a) approval of routine e-mails to membership, (b) funding of an International Award, and (c) identification of issues important to SIOP for APA. Every year, SIOP routinely sends e-mails to the membership for a variety of reasons (e.g., register for the SIOP conference, reminders to vote, APA/APS conferences, new books, etc.). These e-mailings will continue without direct approval from the Executive Committee. Funding for an International Award remains open. APA Council Representatives will introduce topics related to concerns about psychologists practicing outside their area of training, particularly with a focus on business organizations; and finding common grounds with other divisions in their breakout sessions at the next APA Council meeting.

Jose Cortina led the report on membership issues. The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) ad hoc committee submitted a TIP article describing the outcomes of the panel discussion on LGBT issues at last years conference and plan a discussion group attached to the SIOP Web site to deal with LBGT issues. The Executive Committee noted that it was important that, regardless of their sexual orientation, people be welcomed to participate in LGBT activities. Advocacy of participation from all members is also the case for CEMA (Committee for Ethnic and Minority Affairs) and international activities. It was also decided that the recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award will be invited to give a 1-hour address, related to his or her contributions, at the subsequent SIOP conference. Leaetta Hough presented recommendations for SIOP Fellowship to the Executive Committee. New Fellows will be announced at the conference. Janet Barnes-Farrell led the report on professional development. A new position, continuing education coordinator, was approved to ensure APA guidelines and requirements are met for continuing education activities. Bob Dipboye led the report on communications and reported an increase in submissions for the APA conference (to be held in Hawaii). Ann Marie Ryan reported that the SIOP membership survey was sent out this January, and the salary survey will be sent out later this spring. 

John Cornwell presented a plan for the Administrative Office transition. It includes a timeline for the transition, from now to Lee Hakels retirement in April 2005, and ends with a 10-month performance review of the new director in January 2006. The plan for the transition should be approved at the April meeting. 

A lot of issues were covered and I tried to present those that have direct impact on members. Frankly, there wasnt a single member who was enthused about going to Detroit in January for this meeting, but the Executive Committee is committed to trimming costs. In fact, the costs of the fall meeting were about 17% less than costs of previous meetings. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me via e-mail at chaog@msu.edu or by phone 517.353.5418.

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