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A Message From Your President

Bill Macey


  As I sit down to write my last column, I suppose I shouldnt be surprised by the feeling that the past year has gone all too quickly. The experience of being your president has been far more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Ive had the opportunity to make so many wonderful friends through SIOP and that has only accelerated in the last year. 

The only unfortunate thing about the role is that just as soon as you kind of get it all figured out the term is nearly over. But, before I sign off, I need to express my gratitude to all those who made this such a great year. 

Time to Say Thanks 

Ive learned that there is a special bond among those whove been SIOP president. Soon after being elected, many past presidents called me to offer their support. Ive been able to take many of them up on that, and Im grateful for their encouragement. Im particularly grateful to Nancy Tippins, our immediate past president and Ann Marie Ryan, president elect. Nancy and Ann Marie have thoughtfully listened and shared their views as we discussed any number of issues. I cant thank them enough for the guidance. 

Most of what gets done every year is the result of a large number of individuals who contribute their time and considerable talents. The Long Range Planning Committee (LRP) is particularly instrumental in determining the Societys future and is comprised of the members-at-large along with the secretary, financial officer, president, past-president and president-elect. This year, LRP was chaired by Mike Burke. The other members-at-large included Katherine Klein and Bob Dipboye.  Mike, Katherine, and Bob took on the very large task of putting together SIOPs application for renewal of industrial-organizational psychology as a specialty. Our application was several hundred pages long and took the better part of the year to put together. Mike, Katherine, and Bob did all this while also serving in coordinating roles with committee chairs and providing frequent commentary on any number of the issues. Im both thankful for and amazed at all they accomplished.

From an organizational and administrative perspective, the Executive Committee tried a different approach to coordinating across committees this year. The new approach included a modest reorganization of committees into four distinct clusters with the purpose of achieving greater efficiency while maintaining the level of involvement and engagement among the committee chairs. SIOP realized considerable cost savings as a result by reducing time spent at meetings and corresponding travel costs. Each of the members-at-large served as a cluster coordinator; Mike Burke served as cluster coordinator for the Communications/External Affairs cluster, Katherine Klein for the Science and Practice Issues cluster, and Bob Dipboye for the Membership Issues cluster. Cathy Higgs served in a special role as coordinator of the Professional Development cluster. Though Ive known Cathy for many years, I continue to be amazed at her organizational prowess. Cathy created a structure and process for coordination among committee chairs that Im certain will serve as model for many future Executive Committees. 

Janet Barnes-Farrell more than ably served as secretary and leaves the position with a legacy of incredible attention to detail. Janet also has the knack of appreciating the full range of issues impacting decision making. This skill played a critical role as the Emergency Action Committee considered its options at various points in the year. Ray Johnson has brought a new level of structure and organization to the financial officers position that has resulted in a significant impact on the stewardship of our resources. Moreover, Ray gladly (and tirelessly) worked through our process twice this year as we changed the committee budgeting cycle. 

Our APA Council Reps (Wayne Camara, Kevin Murphy, and Jim Farr) continued in the tradition of representing us in the byzantine structure and process of APA governance. Jim replaced Neal Schmitt and Mary Tenopyr on January 1st when their terms ended (APA Council Reps serve on Executive Committee coincident with their terms on APA Council). I will miss seeing Neal and Mary at Executive Committee meetings though I know we can count on them for their sage advice. Speaking of APA, I would have been in dire straits had it not been for the advice and contributions of Heather Fox, chair of APA/APS relations. In addition to simply being a valued resource on APA issues, Heather coordinated the nomination process for APA boards and committees which has increased our visibility and voice within APA. I owe thanks to Diane Maranto as well, who has provided the Executive Committee important counsel on how science is represented in APA. 

This past year certainly was a time of significant challenges. Mort McPhail and Laura Koppes co-chaired the task force that prepared our response to APAs Report and Recommendations of the Commission on Education and Training Leading to Licensure. This was a hugely important effort completed under demanding time constraints. Mort also served as chair of the State Affairs Committee and Laura chaired Education and Training. I feel guilty for having asked two such busy people to have taken on more but knew that as a result the end product would be exceptional and successful. 

The importance of SIOP visibility has been an issue for years and a focus since Kevin Murphy led our strategy planning efforts several years back. Gary Carter and the Visibility Committee have addressed this directly by working to promote both SIOP and the profession. As I write this, they have made progress on no less than 13 specific initiatives and also coordinated with other committees on the implementation of other related initiatives as well. Our visibility is also certainly enhanced by our publications. Neal Schmitt (Organizational Frontiers Series), Eduardo Salas (Professional Practice Series), and their respective editorial boards have continued to produce series representing the best our profession has to offer. With plans to build on their success, Elaine Pulakos has taken on the imposing task of building the Solutions Series from scratch. This represents a significant opportunity to build the SIOP brand, and I am very grateful for the time and energy Elaine is putting toward this increasingly expansive project. 

Just a few years ago, the SIOP Foundation was just a concept. Now, we have a number of major awards funded by the Foundation with several just recently introduced. SIOP owes special thanks to Irv Goldstein and Paul Thayer for their continuing efforts in service of the Society and the Foundation. Irv has served as chair of the Foundation Committee since its inception and Paul represents the Foundation at Executive Committee meetings. Both Irv and Paul have brought a tremendous level of energy that has already directly resulted in many tangible benefits to the membership. 

The balance of science and practice is essential to our profession. Steve Brown and the Scientific Affairs Committee have focused on maintaining the balance and ensuring science and practice are blended in the Society. Another activity critical to the Societys planning process that involved virtually all the committee chairs was the survey effort, which was highly successful both in terms of level of participation and value of information gathered. I owe special thanks to Janine Waclawski, who was somehow able to balance the needs of the different SIOP committees with the practical constraints of survey administration. The survey was just one of the many initiatives of the Professional Practice Committee, chaired by Wanda Campbell. Wanda and her committee also monitored a variety of issues facing SIOP, ranging from executive coaching to international affairs. Additionally, Wanda served on the Principles Task Force and also prepared a detailed SIOPs response to Division 13s proposed Education and Training Guidelines. I guess this proves the adage that if you want a difficult job done well, give it to Wanda! 

Much of the work within the Society similarly focuses on elaborating SIOP views to the larger constituency of professional psychology. Deirdre Knapp kept her eye on the evolving APA Ethics Code and successfully negotiated a version that meets the diverse needs of not only SIOP but other important constituencies within APA. This was a hugely important effort that will have enormous impact for years to come. Similarly, the Principles Task Force, led by Dick Jeanneret, has created a document that will undoubtedly serve the interests of our members and our clients for many years to come. 

A major part of what we are is represented in how we recognize our peers for their achievements. Jan Cleveland and the Fellowship Committee significantly enhanced the fellowship review process while coordinating the nominations and review of an outstanding slate of candidates. Tim Judge and the Awards Committee likewise brought forward an outstanding group of awards candidates. Few events at the conference better capture what we are as a profession than the awards and fellowship announcements at the conference each year. I look forward to joining with you in recognizing the achievements and contributions of SIOPs best. Im certain that Andy Vinchur, our SIOP historian, will be there to document the proceedings. Andys role is an important one because the record of so much of what happens is easily lost in the rush to simply get things done. 

SIOP is a self-renewing organization, the result of the continuous and quite intensive activity of our Membership Committee, co-chaired by Beth Chung and Irene Sasaki. The continuous renewal of our Society membership takes much more than just ongoing effort; it reflects a focus on developing and implementing new initiatives to attract members such as the Member-to-Member program, and I am extremely grateful to Beth and Irene for moving this and other important initiatives forward. Thanks are also due to Dana McDonald-Mann for her leadership of the Committee on Ethic and Minority Affairs in providing mechanisms for enhancing the representation of ethnic minorities. Dave Dorsey and the Electronic Communications Committee have likewise focused on outreach, and with the help of Larry Nader in the Administrative Office have redesigned the Web site and created a student electonic mailing list, an achievement for which I am sure many will offer special thanks. Karen Paul has re-initiated a larger effort to coordinate the broad range of SIOP communication activities that will enhance our SIOP brand and ensure the success of our efforts to stay current. 

Much of what we think of as SIOP falls under the broad category of the SIOP Annual Conference. In his first year as conference chair, Jeff McHenry and his committee have prepared for yet another blockbuster event. To say the least, the conference is a complex undertaking and is critical to the success of the Society. Jeff has somehow managed to delicately balance the many risks associated with such a large undertaking with the need to involve diverse interests of our members and many sponsors. This year has been highlighted by many innovations. The SIOP Program Committee, chaired by Adrienne Colella, introduced electronic submission and review procedures. Conference and workshop registration was available online. All this was delivered on time and at low cost. Moreover, these innovations passed the most important test, of ease of use, by those of us who are electronically challenged!!! Of course, some of us will choose to register on-site and will undoubtedly find it a seamless process. We owe our thanks to John Cornwell who is back in a repeat role as chair of Conference registration.

Many of those attending the Conference attend the preconference workshops as well. This years slate of 17 workshops offers an excellent slate of continuing education opportunities thanks to the efforts of Kalen Pieper, the Workshop Committee, and the invited presenters. Unfortunately, Ill miss this years workshops, as Ill be attending the Doctoral Consortium held across the street in the Hilton Hotel. This years consortium is the product of Donna Chrobot-Masons and Charlotte Gerstners leadership. Though I will miss these workshops for the first time in a long while, I know there will be many more SIOP-sponsored opportunities for obtaining continuing education credit. Because of Karen Barberas efforts, these include obtaining credit for attendance at two selected conference sessions. Of course, many attend the conference for other purposes as well. Those looking for employment opportunities from either side of the interview table will have Linda Sawin to thank for so carefully coordinating placement activity. 

Of course, our professional interests are also represented at the APA Convention and APS Conference. As you may be aware, there will be a new convention format at this years APA Convention in Chicago. Rosemary Hays-Thomas, Division 14s program chair, not only led the effort for the Division 14 program but also has played a significant role in the development of cluster programming as well. I am indebted for her willingness to take on this dual responsibility. I also owe thanks to Mike Coovert, our APS program chair, for coordinating our I-O interests at the conference. Mikes efforts represent a terrific example of how a dedicated SIOP member can find a way to improve our visibility and participation in the broader professional community. 

I owe Debbie Major a big thanks and a sorry for all the times I asked for a deadline extension. I know I made Debbies difficult job even harder. TIP is the primary vehicle by which we communicate with each other and the rest of the world. Debbie has done a remarkable job in making a great product even better. 

Ive repeatedly said that the front lines of SIOP are managed by the staff of the Administrative Office. I owe an endless litany of thanks to Lee Hakel, Esther Benitez, Jen Domanski, Gail and Larry Nader, and Lori Peake. Special thanks go to Milt Hakel as well for his continuous (and successful) efforts at making this a better Society. I am in absolute awe of his energy and commitment to SIOP. 

Finally, Id like to thank all of you whove taken the time to give me feedback. The e-mails I received often made my day, just knowing that so many members share a common goal of contributing to this wonderful professional Society. Thanks again! 


Conference Notes 

Well, we ran out of hotel space even earlier this year than last. I realize this sounds like a broken record, but the Executive Committee is doing all within its power (risk considered) to make available the space needed for growing conference attendance. As I write this, we just signed yet another contract with the Marriott at Eaton Centre for overflow rooms. The Conference Planning Committee has already signed significant contractual agreements for additional hotel space in Orlando. Ill leave it to Ann Marie to tell you more. 


The Foundation has launched a drive to bring the Scholarship Fund from $10,000 to $200,000 within 2 years. Achieving this goal would create the opportunity to provide five $2,000 scholarships per year. Please consider a significant donation to this drive. 

The 2002 Membership Survey 

Thanks to all those who completed the 2002 membership survey. This information is vital to making SIOP even more responsive to the members. Look for a summary of the findings in a forthcoming issue. 

Solutions Series 

Elaine Pulakos provided an open-ended invitation for proposals for the HR Solutions Series in the last issue of TIP. Look for Elaine at the conference to discuss your thoughts and suggestions. 

APA Council 

The apportionment ballot results were just recently compiled. The great news is that SIOP has regained the seat lost in the last election and gained an additional one as well. Thus, SIOP will have five Council Representatives beginning in January 2003. This is a direct reflection of your votes and will make a difference in how I-O psychology is heard at APA. 

Changing of the Guard 

Ann Marie will be your new president near the time TIP is in the mail. SIOP couldnt possibly be positioned with more effective leadership. Congratulations and best wishes, Ann Marie!


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