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SIOP Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral Level in I-O Psychology and the Joint Testing Standards Were Approved by APA Council

Wayne Camara
The College Board

Nearly 2 years after they were originally submitted to APA for approval, SIOP's Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral Level in I-O Psychology was formally approved by APA's Council of Representatives at their August meeting in Boston. The Guidelines were subject to a legal review, which was completed by APA's attorney in 1997, and a policy review where all APA divisions had an opportunity to comment on any statements that would conflict with their policies or practice areas. This two-level review is now required for all official policy that APA will endorse. No division comments were received and the Guidelines were then reviewed and approved by the Board of Educational Affairs and the Board of Directors prior to submission for Council approval. SIOP's E&T Guidelines are now formal APA policy.

The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, completed by a joint committee comprised of representatives from APA, AERA and NCME, were also approved without discussion by the Council. The revised Standards were approved by the AERA Board in late June and by the NCME Board in early August, and are now formally endorsed. They will take effect upon publication. The Standards will be distributed and published by the American Educational Research Association and members can contact AERA at 202-223-9485 or contact the SIOP Administrative Office to purchase copies later this year. High School Standards for teaching psychology were also approved by Council at its August meeting. The content standards parallel those issued by many other national academic disciplinary associations since the early 1990s.

APA and MTV have collaborated in producing a 20-minute documentary on warning signs in youth violence. The documentary has already aired four times on MTV and is being distributed by APA to high schools along with a kit on youth violence.

An APA task force is revising the Ethics Code and a list of all changes was included in the Council Agenda Book.

The final significant issues from the August Council meeting concerned the APA budget and buildings. APA's revenues and expenses have appeared to level off at about $80 million in 1997 and are projected to remain at this level over the next few years. Journal subscriptions, which account for about 20% of the income, have been down (institutional subscriptions are down since the 1980s by over 20%, individual subscriptions have declined since 1997) and member dues (12% of revenues) are stable. The Board of Directors and Council of Representatives on several occasions have rejected recommendations from the APA Finance Committee to take a small proportion of revenues from APA's two buildings to increase the Association's reserve. Instead, citing pressing needs in challenging managed care, public education, and day-to-day operations, APA Council has elected to expend increasing amounts of revenues from the buildings. Finally, APA Council approved a motion that will allow the Association to pursue negotiations for the purchase of a warehouse building in the District of Columbia. APA currently leases commercial storage space for its publications and archives, with annual costs of about $200,000. A building on R Street has become available and APA is investigating the purchase of the property and may need to take action prior to the next meeting of Council. APA's Letter of Intent to purchase the property has been accepted at a price of $3.9 million. If the purchase moves forward, APA would occupy about 25% of the 108,000 square feet of storage and lease out remaining space.

APA's Council will next meet in August, 2000. SIOP's Representatives to APA Council are: Wayne Camara, Georgia Chao, Neal Schmitt, and Mary Tenopyr.


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