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Report from APA Council Meeting

February 2001

Mary L. Tenopyr
Representative to APA Council

The Council agenda was full, but many issues discussed did not focus on SIOPs main interests. The 2001 budget of approximately $86 million with a deficit of $311,000 passed. The budget included funding for two meetings of a task force on Internet testing. The accounting method, it should be noted, includes income from APAs real estate as revenue. We were informed that this is an acceptable accounting practice. Despite the fact that there is an increase in foreign members and student members, there was a loss of dues-paying members in 2000. There will be another small dues increase in 2002. The treasurers term of office will be reduced from 5 years to 3 years, if a bylaws change passes.

There was considerable emphasis on APA priorities. There was a priority-setting exercise that resulted in diversity issues being named the first priority. Each executive director has been instructed to be certain that all activities are being prioritized twice a year.

The Commission on Education and Training for Licensure delivered its report. The recommendations provide the usual problems for SIOP. The medical model requiring supervised experience and internship was adopted. Our member on the commission voted against the final document. Through the effforts of Bill Howell and other representatives of the science divisions, the document was modified to indicate that the provisions might not be uniformly applicable. The document was referred out for comment with another revision to make it clear that the provisions of the report were not APA policy.

Comments are being sought on a draft revision of the APA ethics code. Neal Schmitt has proposed language that would eliminate the requirements for anonymity of research subjects and modifies the requirements for informed consent in organizational research. As the proposed revision stands, it would be impossible to do validation research.

Other Council action included approving a division of clinical child psychology and a division of pediatric psychology. The Council passed a resolution to do research on racial profiling and to support police community relations programs. The word health will be added to APAs mission statement if a bylaws change passes. Guam will receive representation on Council. Regarding APA internal managementthere will be no ombudsman; there will be no major contract for a consulting firm to review operations; and travel expenses were increased for the president and board of directors.

An item regarding APAs refusal to allow the military to advertise in APA publications was withdrawn. After a long and heated debate, Council passed a statement on assisted suicide and the need for psychologists involvement in the decision making. Assisted suicide is legal only in Oregon, and there appears to be no record of any medical organization making a similar resolution.


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