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Foundation Spotlight:  SIOP Foundation Named Awards, Grants, and Fellowships

Paul W. Thayer
Foundation Trustee

The SIOP Foundation has a number of awards, grants, scholarships, and fellowships. Those that are named, for example, the William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award, are made possible through the generosity of the donor(s). The amount of donation required for a named gift has risen with inflation and is now $75,000 for a named award and $50,000 for a named scholarship. These amounts may be given in a lump sum or donated over a 5-year period. In addition to the right to specify the name of the gift, the donor works with the Foundation trustees to define the nature of the award or grant and the criteria to be used in making it.

As an example, Kitty Katzell, a long-time member of SIOP and Ray’s widow, created the Raymond A. Katzell Award. Consistent with Ray’s desire to “give I-O psychology away,” this award recognizes a SIOP member who has shown the general public the importance of work done by I-O psychologists for addressing social issues. The work must have a broad impact on the general public, be research based and its application clearly demonstrated. The award of $3,000 comes from interest earned on the original gift. Thus, as the donor, Kitty named the award and specified the criteria. The role of the Foundation Board is to ensure that any award is consistent with SIOP goals, as well as IRS charitable giving regulations, and to assist in developing award guidelines in cooperation with the Awards Committee of SIOP.

The M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace was created by Scott’s widow, Susan. It is “given to an individual practitioner or team of practitioners who have developed and conducted/applied a specific project and product representing an example of outstanding practice of I-O psychology in the workplace (i.e., business, industry, government).” Again, the donor named the award and specified the nature of the criteria and awardees.

The Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Graduate Fellowship in I-O Psychology was funded by Leslie in recognition of our mentoring relationship at NCSU and in her subsequent career. (I’m not sure who is mentoring whom these days as Leslie rises higher and higher in the corporate world.) Leslie decided that the fellowship of $10,000 would go to a graduate student who was specializing in training and development and/or selection and placement and is committed to a practitioner career.
We are fortunate to have many named funds, thanks to the generosity of many donors:

• The John C. Flanagan Award, funded by AIR
• The Wiley Award for Excellence in Survey Research, funded by Jack Wiley
• The Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance, funded by Bob and Joyce
• The Douglas W. Bray and Ann Howard Research Grant, funded by Ann
• The Sidney A. Fine Grant for Research on Job Analysis, funded by Sid
• The Mary L. Tenopyr Scholarship funded, by her sister

For details on these and other awards, go the Foundation portion of the SIOP Web site (http://www.siop.org/foundation/information.aspx).

These generous donors and others have made it possible to recognize leaders in our field who have made or will make significant contributions to I-O psychology. We are grateful for their generosity.